Venezuela & ALBA Weekly 10.16.2020 Rafael Correa warns of US Plan Condor 2.0; President Maduro Speech; Bolivia’s Stolen Election? Julian Assange webinar

Orinoco Tribune: Correa Warns of Second US Operation Condor in Latin America

This century the US has instigated coups in Brazil, Honduras, Paraguay, Ecuador and Bolivia. “It is not by chance that the military’s boot has destroyed democracy in these countries, making all that is progressive and rings of social justice disappear.” “This is a call to the international community to overcome the indifference and see what is happening in Latin America. We are facing what we have called Plan Condor 2.0, which seeks to remove all the progressive Latin American governments. Ex-president Correa compared this present moment to the decade of the 1970s, when “they had to block, at whatever price, the advances of the progressive governments and not fail to support the bloodiest of military dictatorships.”


Speech by president Nicolas Maduro at the Internationalist Festival of People’s Resistance 2020 We have resisted, despite the persecution by the Government of the United States, against all of the country’s money, against all of its trade, against all of its medicine, they persecute our medicine, so that it doesn’t make it to Venezuela, but we have found a thousand ways and a thousand friends to obtain all the medicine that the country needs, from the world, and to produce the rest of the medicine in Venezuela. The patient’s care is absolutely free, and we have progressed in different stages; today, we have a high level of control and progress.

Another world is possible, that banner was raised in the 80’s when world imperialism and capitalism declared its absolute victory of the unipolar world, and we are building another world, a better world, a multipolar world, pluri-centric, a world where the strength of public opinion, the strength of the opinion of the peoples, prevail over all, a world where we manage to stop this climate change and we can revert the self-destructing tendencies of the habitat where we all live. A world where we can achieve true equality among men, women, among human beings. A world where we can advance in the full exercise of social rights, of real human rights, of the right to work, to income, to healthcare, to education, to housing, to culture, to the entertainment of all of the peoples of the world, the right to access wealth and the correct distribution of wealth.

Resumen Latinoamericano: Pompeo and the CIA against Venezuela In Brazil, Pompeo called Nicolas Maduro a drug trafficker, and said that Washington will continue to work to get to the “right place” regarding the crisis unleashed by the blockade and sanctions imposed on the Venezuelan economy. In Colombia, his main partner in the region, he accused the Venezuelan government of collaborating with terrorism and harboring ELN members and FARC dissidents.His main objective was to promote a change in strategy to overthrow the government of Nicolás Maduro, starting with the impact on the electoral result of the December legislative elections.

Orinoco Tribune: President Maduro: More than one Thousand Mercenaries are Training in Colombia to Sabotage December 6 Parliamentary Elections “at this moment in Colombia more than one thousand mercenaries are being trained under a directed operation, with the help of the intelligence structure of that country and under the protection of Iván Duque, to sabotage the political and electoral climate in Venezuela.”“Let’s get out the truth of a people who have refused to surrender, who will never surrender and who will continue in this battle for a world without empires, for a world where we can all live together, cooperate and build,” urged the Venezuelan President.

Sputnik News: US Struggles to Defend Forfeiture of Iranian Gasoline From Venezuela-Bound Tankers The US government is facing a legal challenge over the forfeiture of the cargo intercepted from four purported Iranian tankers.Washington claims that the cargo on the four intercepted vessels belongs to the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), purportedly tied to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), dubbed a terrorist organisation in the US, but the ships’ owners reportedly dispute this claim and are challenging the forfeiture. Mobin International, Oman Fuel Trading, and Sohar Fuel Trading have all filed for the dismissal of the US forfeiture of their ships cargoes.

Interactive Map: Degrees of International Diplomatic Recognition of Guaidó and Maduro

WOLA article with their anti-Chavista propaganda. Yet: Only 11 out of the 57 countries that recognize Guaidó (Bolivia, Brazil, U.S., Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Paraguay) have fully ended diplomatic relations with the Maduro government in favor of embracing Guaidó’s diplomats.U.S. claims of broad and unconditional international support for Juan Guaidó do not hold water.

Pasqualina Curcio: My Doubts About the Anti-Blockade LawJust between 2016 and 2019, according to our estimates, they have had an economic impact of $194 billion, of which, around $25 billion corresponds to the financial blockade and theft of our assets abroad; apart from that $25 billion, $6 billion are frozen in the international financial system. The other $168 billion that adds up to this impact, we have stopped producing between 2016 and 2019 for two reasons: $105 billion due to the attack on the bolivar and $63 billion due to the impact on PDVSA.

Bolivia Elections

Resumen Latinoamericano: Bolivia – OAS Prepares Electoral Fraud The fraud against the MAS is one of the big threats to the Bolivian election of October 18, with the aim of preventing its almost certain victory in the first round. Another threat is that in the days that remain, legal action will be taken against the standard-bearer for the presidency of MAS, Luis Arce. Luis Almagro, Secretary-General of the OAS, who later expressed his concern about the threat of fraud (votes in favor of MAS) that Murillo spoke to him about.

Internationalist360: MAS Denounces that a Second Coup is Underway with Complicity Between the OAS, TSE, Armed Forces and Police MAS fears a total absence of transparency in the quick count of the votes of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), the return of the same observers from the Organization of American States (OAS), the declaration of a “curfew” for six days and the custody of the voting records by the military and police who participated in last year’s “coup d’état”. “Those who have ordered the burning of the minutes and the electoral tribunals again want to guard our votes; then the population is unprotected.”


Resumen Latinoamericano: Cuba Receives Worldwide Recognition Regarding Human Rights Cuba will be back in January and for the next three years in the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), a recognition of the island’s prestige and a resounding defeat for the United States, which is criminalizing the island in this matter. It was 170 votes that decided to back Cuba, and an equal number of countries that did not let themselves be intimidated by Washington. Cuba will be in the UN HRC during the period 2021-2023, and will do so for the fifth time.

Video: The War on Cuba episode 2

Cuba Money Project: USAID and NED funding under Trump, for subversion in Cuba, $73 million  A look at the funds USAID and NED have spent on subversion, and what organizations have received the money.



COHA: Nicaragua, attacked for following the same US policies against foreign meddling The US renewed attacks on Nicaragua for “repression” due to three laws being debated to undermine imperialist interference. One is to regulate “foreign agents.” New regulations would require those receiving foreign money for “political purposes” to register with the Ministry of the Interior and explain what the money is used for. Similar regulations exist in the US. The second is to tackle cybercrime and penalize hacking; it would prohibit publication or dissemination of false or distorted information, “likely to spread anxiety, anguish or fear.”

The third is to enable sentences of life imprisonment for the worst violent crimes (as applies in the US, except of course in states which use capital punishment).

Webinars and Webinar Videos

WATCH: ‘The Trial of Julian Assange’ With Roger Waters, John Pilger & Ray McGovern

Video: Policing & Caribbean Autonomy in Nicaragua 

October 17: Lift the Blockade of Cuba Nina Gonzalez– Coordinator of the Cuba Support Group Ireland (CGSI);  Alicia Jrapko – Co-Chair of the Cuba Nobel Prize Committee, a campaign working for the nomination of the Henry Reeve Brigade, Cuba’s international medical mission, for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021; Viasheslav Karpenko – The Ukrainian Committee “Stop the blockade of Cuba” in Kiev, Ukraine; Isaac Saney – National Spokesperson & Co-Chair of the Canadian Network on Cuba, Professor at Dalhousie University;  Elizabeth Hill – Co-Chair of the Canadian Network on Cuba & President of the Canadian Cuban Friendship Association – Toronto

October 18: Uncovered violence by the Nicaraguan Opposition with Stephen Sefton and John Perry

October 21: Cuba fights Covid-19 at Home & Abroad

October 29: Cuba Resists! Trump, the Blockade and the US Elections Cuban Ambassador to Britain, Bárbara Montalvo Álvarez; Cuban Ambassador to the US, Jose Ramon Cabañas; Gloria La Riva, Presidential candidate for Party for Socialism and Liberation, US; Valia Rodriguez, Cuban medical scientist; Helen Yaffe, University of Glasgow

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