US in UN Makes its Case to Invade Venezuela; Weisbrot on the Purpose and Impact of New: Venezuela & ALBA Weekly 11.17. 2017

This weekly email contains a few useful articles on Venezuela and ALBA Countries that contain bite-sized dose of the truth so that you can fight the disinformation in your own community, that so much of the media, including alternative media are putting out.

It is AfGJ’s conviction that we in the US defend Venezuela’s sovereignty and recognize that the Bolivarian Revolution has improved the lives of its citizens, led the movement toward Latin America integration, and is building participatory democracy structures that are an example for us in the US as well. -AfGJ staff

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Prelude to Invasion: US Ambassador Nikki Haley in Special UN Security Council Meeting Updates Saddam WMD story — Venezuela named a Narco-State and Threat to “World Peace”

Marc Weisbrot explains why new US sanctions on Venezuela a New Regime Change plan designed to make Venezuelans suffer so they will later revolt: