Venezuela & ALBA News 11.10.2023: Venezuela Denounces Israel’s Nuclear Threat; Why Nicaragua took over Jesuit University; Tours to Nicaragua, Venezuela, Cuba


Venezuela and Cuba against US-Israeli Massacres

TeleSur: Stop the Zionist Genocide Against the Palestinians: Maduro “I call on Muslim people, Arab peoples and the peoples of the World to raise their voices against the Nazi genocide against the Palestinians,” he said, noting that the Israeli occupation forces continue to bomb hospitals, mosques, churches and other places where the people seek shelter. “They attack historic refugee centers, where families, survivors of other attacks, have lived for years. But in addition, an Israeli minister said that an atomic bomb must be dropped to kill all the Palestinians in Gaza.”

Ultima Noticias: Venezuela condemns Israel’s announcement of a possible nuclear attack against Gaza “The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela expresses its repudiation and astonishment at the statements of a minister of the State of Israel, who has threatened all of humanity, by announcing the possibility of resorting to a nuclear attack against the defenseless population of the Gaza Strip, in the midst of an ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people.”

Orinoco Tribune: Massive Demonstration in Caracas Supporting Palestine and Condemning Israeli State Terrorism For the 4th time since the beginning of the Israeli genocidal retaliation, thousands of Venezuelans marched in Caracas as part of the international day of action in support of Palestine. They condemned the indiscriminate Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip, considered as a crime against humanity that has killed close to 10,000 people by now, most of them defenseless civilians with nowhere to go, with 4,000 of them children. Vice President Delcy Rodríguez participated in the march, and said “How is it possible that 40% of those murdered in these 23 days are children?” she continued, adding that one of the worst massacres in the history of the world is being committed in Palestine.



TeleSur: US Military Presence in Guyana is a Threat to Latin America Venezuela “rejects the joint announcement made by the Cooperative Republic of Guyana and the United States Government, which reports an increase in military presence in the region with the aim of protecting American energy companies.”

Democracy Now: Juan González: U.S. “Economic Warfare” Targeting Venezuela, Cuba & Nicaragua Fuels Migrant Crisis “it’s US economic warfare against three specific countries – Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua  – that is a significant cause of the latest migration surge….back in 2020, there were only 4,500 Venezuelans that were apprehended at the southern border. Now we’re up to 265,000 in the first 11 months of this past fiscal year. The same thing for Nicaraguans: A couple of years ago, it was 3,100 that were encountered at the border; this last 11 months of this past fiscal year, 131,000. And, of course, Cubans: 14,000 Cubans were found — were apprehended at the border in 2020; 184,000 in 2023.

Nicolás Maduro to Rafael Correa: “In Venezuela the first media coup in the history of humanity took place” Highlights of Rafael Correa’s Interview With President Maduro Maduro “referred to Washington’s “overthrow strategy” during the Obama presidency, who issued a decree that declared Venezuela as an “extraordinary threat against the security of the United States.” “It was the first step to open this path of destabilization.” Maduro recalled that in April 2015 he spoke with Obama at the Summit of the Americas and Obama told him that the decree had been a “mistake” that they were going to “fix.”…We speak of a multicentric, multipolar world, a world without hegemonism, without empires. It seems that we are approaching that world for which we have fought so much in Latin America. And there, we, Venezuela and, I am sure, Latin America, are going to be on the front line of the battle of the birth, of the birth of that new world.

Forbes: Venezuela Sanctions: Why The US Won’t Reverse Sanctions Suspensions The author argues that the US will not reverse sanctions suspensions on Venezuela. These sanctions suspensions included licences for oil exports, gold mining, and debt trading. They also enable deportation or repatriation flights from the US to Venezuela. “In August, I argued that certain key the sanctions were backfiring on US interests, after speaking to experts and business leaders in the US and Venezuela. They were designed for a moment gone: the Trump administration expected an imminent overthrow of President Maduro. His government has proved resilient, weathering military threats, failed coups, mass unrest, and the collapse of the economy.” The Biden administration needs Venezuelan oil on the market—and Europe the natural gas.



Reuters: Bolivian officials seek 30-year prison sentence for former President Anez Bolivia’s attorney general is seeking a prison sentence of 30 years for former President Jeanine Anez, who is set to be tried for genocide over deaths during protests that followed the country’s 2019 election, officials said on Monday. Last year, a Bolivian court found Anez guilty of orchestrating a coup that brought her to power. She is in prison after receiving a 10-year sentence. Anez and some of her former government colleagues, as well as former military and police chiefs, are all now formally due to be tried, Lanchipa added.

Granma: Understanding History [Anne Frank, the Warsaw uprising and Palestine today] How many Anne Franks have died in Palestine? In November 1940, the Nazis established the Warsaw Ghetto. The overcrowding was such that on average there were 9.2 people per room. They could barely survive due to the scarcity of water and food. The ghetto was surrounded by walls and barbed wire fences. Anyone who left the place without authorization was shot on the spot. With the intention of starving out the residents of the place, the Nazis reduced the food entering the ghetto. The Zionists say that they do not understand why the Palestinians take up arms, and that their insurgency is terrorism. Let them read their own story. Where it says Jews put Palestinians, where it says Warsaw put Gaza and where it says Nazis put Zionists. Maybe then they will understand.



Nica Notes: The History of the Jesuit university UCA and its Role in 2018 Coup Attempt Why the university was taken over and made a public, free university: In April 2018 UCA [the Jesuit Central American University] were key in the attempted right-wing terrorist coup d’état. In 2020, laws were passed to regulate foreign funding of NGOs, requiring them to report on the funds received and their purpose. UCA did not comply. The National Council of Universities canceled the UCA’s operating license, created the Casimiro Sotelo National University, and appointed its officers. This University will be funded by the Nicaraguan government.



One Million Signatures to Take Cuba off the US List of State Sponsors of Terror Sign on now if you haven’t done so. Cuba is on the US list, Israel is not.

September 23 – November 18: virtual course, Ben Linder Solidarity School,  9 week class (two hours a week) Topics include: Nicaragua and the Sandinista Revolution; History and current context of Latin America and US imperialism; ATC and peasant organizations / social movements; Food Sovereignty and Agroecology; Solidarity and Internationalism.

Belly of the Beast’s Cuban journalist Liz Oliva Fernández on tour through November 20  See The War on Cuba

October 19-November 9: Virtual Course and Film Festival on Indigenous and Afro-descendant People’s Rights This four-part course will take place over zoom from October 19-November 9, and is free of charge. We will hear from Indigenous and Black activists in Nicaragua and the Americas, learn about Nicaragua’s two Autonomous Regions, and see beautiful films about the culture and landscape of these Regions. Watch for notices with details about how to register, or check the websites and for details about how to join!

November 16-17: International Tribunal on the Blockade of Cuba in Brussels

November 27: Hugo Chávez, Spark for 21st century socialism & Latin American liberation

November 29: Venezuela: 1999 Constituent Assembly Resistance, Achievements and Lessons

January 27, 2024: Latin America conference in London 18th annual conference in solidarity with Latin American progressive movements.

Upcoming Delegations to Nicaragua, Bolivia, Cuba, Venezuela

Casa Ben Linder Nicaragua delegations: January 6-14, January 20-February 1, and February 10-19

April 9-19: Venezuela: Celebrating Popular Sovereignty and Power

April 25- May 8: Celebrating Labor and May Day in Cuba 

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Cuba: Upcoming delegations and trips to Cuba

June 14-23 Witness for Peace delegation to Cuba

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