We are All George Floyd; We are All Tupac Amaru

Tupac Amaru II, the Andean revolutionary, is reputed to have told the Spanish occupiers, before they gruesomely killed him, that they could kill him but, “I’ll be back and there will be millions of us.” George Floyd could not make a memorable statement because a killer cop’s knee was choking the life out of him. But now all who dream of a better world must become those millions of Tupac Amarus. We must become millions of George Floyds and Sandra Blands and hundreds of victims of police violence. We need to say their names and become them in the days ahead.

As city after city in the United States experiences their own insurrectionary social explosion in the face of police violence and the militarization of State repression, we must all unite to follow the lead and to defend those who are the main targets of oppression.

Police violence is followed by demonstrator vandalism followed by greater State repression. Over the last few days since police in Minneapolis murdered our unarmed African brother George Floyd, thousands have been arrested in cities from coast to coast and border to border.

As calls and actions are intensifying to demand an end to police impunity for murders of people of color, we hear demands to end rampant human rights violations, mass incarceration, prison imperialism, and an end to the Surveillance State. The 1% is getting worried. President Trump is threatening to turn the military loose on demonstrators and to declare those who oppose facism terrorists.

The political and corporate elites will double down on the violence, targeting black and brown bodies. Thousands more will be arrested for exercising their First Amendment rights to gather, to protest, and to speak truth to power.

Alliance for Global Justice is fiscal sponsor for several key bail funds that are working around the clock to get those who have been arrested out of jail as soon as possible. It is well known that the prisons are fatal breeding grounds for COVID-19. The faster those arrested are bailed out, the less they risk being infected.

Alliance for Global Justice fiscally sponsors the following bail funds. We’ve included their donate links. Please make a tax-deductible donation to these or other bail funds of your choice. This is a way that those of us who can’t be on the front-lines can fight back.


Action Bail Fund (NYC) https://afgj.salsalabs.org/actionbailfund/index.html

Bukit Bail Fund of Pittsburgh (PA) https://www.bukitbailfund.org/donate

Colorado Freedom Fund https://fundly.com/coloradofreedom

Louisville (KY) Bail Fund https://afgj.salsalabs.org/louisvillebailfund