Sunday, August 22nd Webinar: What’s at Stake in Nicaragua’s 2021 Elections

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Sunday, August 22: What’s at Stake in Nicaragua’s 2021 Elections



The national elections in Nicaragua, to be held on November 7, are caught in controversy.  This month’s webinar speaker, Sofia Clark, will address such questions as the following:  How is the Supreme Electoral Council working to assure elections are free and fair?  What will be the electoral effects, if any, of U.S. policies and practices?  Are the media accurate in their portrayal of the elections?  Is the FSLN trying to eliminate other candidates, as it is accused of doing?  (75 minutes total length)

Sofia Clark is a political researcher and analyst with deep ties to Nicaragua.  A Master of International Law, she was Deputy Chief of Staff for her uncle, Fr. Miguel d’Escoto, when he presided over the 63rd session of the United Nations General Assembly.  She has served in UN field missions in Rwanda, South Africa, and Haiti, and worked in OAS conflict resolution programs in Guatemala, Bolivia, and Colombia.   She is currently at the Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann Center for Development Studies at the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN) in Managua.

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