Webinar Recording: A Conversation with Denis Moncada, Nicaraguan Foreign Affairs Minister

Nicaragua and the Defense of its Sovereignity in the Face of Sanctions imposed by the U.S. and its allies

US regime change operations in Latin America have a long, sordid history and continue to do enormous harm in the places where they are active today. Today, Nicaragua is the target of these operations.  As elections approach in the country, we see increasing U.S. efforts to interfere and undermine the sovereignty that the Nicaraguan people work for every day.

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On Thursday, September 23, H.E. Denis Moncada, Nicaraguan Foreign Affairs Minister, shared with us an account of the efforts with which the Nicaraguan people have confronted the illegal sanctions and the importance of our solidarity in confronting these attacks.

In spite of sanctions, Nicaragua does not pose any threat to the United States. Nicaragua is a small nation of 6.3 million, in the bottom ten countries in armament. Contrary to regime change narratives, sanctions only harm the people, especially the most vulnerable, by blocking aid from other countries or organizations. This kind of unilateral pressure seeks to pressure the country to choose new leadership favored by the United States.

We call on the United States to stop interfering in Nicaragua! Join this webinar and hear how to support the Nicaraguan struggle for sovereignty and peace.