Webinar: How U.S. Policy is Hurting Hondurans and Nicaraguans

What the Biden Administration Needs to Know.
Experts on Honduras and Nicaragua will talk about the consequences of US policy.

Jan 17, 2021 4PM PST


Vicki Cervantes
Began working in solidarity with Latin America movements in the 1970s. Is a member of Chicago’s La Voz de los de Abajo and the US-based coordinator for the Honduras Solidarity Network (HSN).

Magda Lanuza
A Nicaraguan Salvadoran feminist specializing in sustainable development. An associate of DAWN-Development Alternatives for Women in the New Era.


Moderated by:

Erika Takeo
North American Coordinator of the Friends of the ATC Solidarity Network & International staff member of Latin American Coordination of Rural Organizations (the expression of Via Campesina in Latin America).