Updates on Past Alerts & New Delegations


The Peruvian indigenous leader that was detained, Alberto Pizango, was released on bail the following day. Thank you for your support in showing the Peruvian government that the international community is watching. It appears at this time that he will still face trial for the charges against him pertaining to “inciting” the June 2009 indigenous demonstrations. Read more at the BBC or AFP.

The Afro-Colombian community that would be displaced due to mining concessions, has decided to stand their ground and occupy their own land. Read more here.


ECHOES of SILENCE: One Planet. One People. Peace. Justice. Beauty
Brigade-Delegation to Nicaragua
July 12 – 24, 2010

Far from down and out, Nicaragua is deeply involved in the struggle to combat global warming, and, with Venezuela, Bolivia and others, to establish the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA), a just, intelligent and sustainable alternative to consumer capitalism. Come learn more about today`s Nicaragua, once more truly a frontline state; join our July delegation/work brigade.

Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign of Great Britain
Delegation to Nicaragua
August, 14 – 25, 2010

What’s the purpose of the delegation?
· To provide an opportunity for those in the UK/US with an interest in education to exchange ideas and information on innovations in formal and informal education
· To participate in the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the famous 1980s Sandinista Literacy Crusade and the culmination of the current literacy campaign

III Union Meeting “Nuestra America” at Caracas Venezuela and Havana, Cuba
For more information, contact laborexchange@aol.com
July 20- August 3, 2010

In Venezuela we will visit the Barrio Adentro project and the popular clinics. We will also visit the “educational misiones Sucre, Rivas and Robinson” and the Centro Endogeno which comprises of co-ops of different industries, clinics and other projects financed by the Venezuelan Revolution.
This delegation will be in Havana, Cuba. Our hosts will be the CTC Confederation of Cuban Workers. We will visit hospitals, schools, and worker centers.