Venezuela-ALBA News 11.2.2018 UN Condemns US Regime Change Blockade on Cuba; Bolton Escalates Threats against ALBA countries

The News This Week

Campaign against Venezuela Sanctions: Steve Ellner speaks this week in Oregon and Washington state

Brazil’s Bolsonaro  – George Galloway

Inside the Corruption and Repression Forcing Hondurans to Flee to the US

John Bolton: U.S. wil step up regime change against ‘Troika of Tyranny’ in Latin America (Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua)



KPFA’s Dennis Bernstein interviews Steve Ellner

Harlem’s National Black Theater Hosts President Nicolás Maduro

Washington Classes Venezuela as ‘Threat to Regional Stability’ as Colombia Sends 5,000 Troops to Border Region

Venezuela Launches Media Response Plan to Fake News Attacks

El Salvador Welcomes Venezuelan Miracle Mission Medics



UN General Assembly votes against US Blockade of Cuba 189-2, no abstentions

Full Statement by  Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, Cuba’s Foreign Minister at the United Nations on the US Blockade, November 1, 2018



Nicaraguan Catholic Hierarchy involved in Coup attempt against Daniel Ortega government



President Evo Morales Rejects Health Care  as a Business in Bolivia

Bolivia elections 2019: Evo Versus Mesa



IFCO/Pastors for Peace delegations to Cuba

Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee tour to Cuba December 29- January 9

AFGJ Friends ot ATC Delegation to Nicaragua, January 3-13