Venezuela & ALBA News 6.10.2022: Summit of Americas another Setback for US Empire

Summit of the Americas
Statement by the Revolutionary Government of Cuba: Summit of the Americas: Imperialist Domination and Exclusion
Such exclusions confirm that the United States conceived and uses this high-level dialogue mechanism as an instrument to further its hegemonic system in the hemisphere, just like the Organization of American States (OAS), the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (TIAR) and other bodies established in the 20th century to curb independence, limit the sovereignty of nations in the region and thwart Latin American and Caribbean unity and integration aspirations. They are part of the efforts to implement the Monroe Doctrine and promote exclusion as a dividing strategy for clear political, electoral and domination purposes.

Rosa Miriam Elizalde: Storms at the Summit of the Americas Richard Haass, director of policy planning for the State Department, summed up the disaster superbly in a tweet: “The Summit of the Americas looks to be a debacle, a diplomatic own goal. The U.S. has no trade proposal, no immigration policy, and no infrastructure package. Instead, the focus is on who will and will not be there. Unclear is why we pressed for it to happen.” The U.S. Democratic Party elite, meanwhile, remain out of touch with the reality of their own country, shaken by daily massacres, increasingly powerless to meet the expectations of citizens, and with most decisions and legislative projects stalled. Defying the storm, the People’s Summit for Democracy has been installed at the doors of the meeting of the friends of the White House. Sponsored by some 250 organizations, most of which are local unions, the counter-summit is marching through the streets of Los Angeles on June 10.

Global Times: ‘No Longer US’ Backyard,’ Latin America Sends United Message Chinese analysts said protests and boycotts by Latin American nations show that it is not a “backyard” of the US, and compared to the last time the US held such summit in 1994, declining US hegemony today means Washington is unable to prevent the continent from seeking autonomy and development based on Latin American countries’ own interests.

Popular Resistance: Biden’s Exclusionary Summit of Americas Disrupted by Journalists Journalists Eugene Puryear,Abby Martin, and Walter Smolarek involved in the People’s Summit interrupted Biden’s sham Summit, confronting US Secretary of State Blinken and the head of the US-controlled OAS, Luis Amalgro.

Speech by Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel on Biden’s Summit (June 8) Nothing in the past and recent history of the US –or in its current behavior in the hemisphere- suggests that democracy or respect for human rights are true priorities of its regional foreign policy.  When they so declare, it is because they act with dishonesty and they know it. Looking only at the last 50 years, there has been a notoriously absolute involvement and connivance between the US and the bloodiest and most repressive regimes ever known in this continent, with which they have practiced assassination, disappearances, massacres, tortures and extra judicial executions in the most shameless way…The United States is the only country of the hemisphere where youths under the age of 18 are sentenced to life without probation.

Political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal’s message for the Workers’ Summit in Tijuana So why should poor nations listen to rich nations? What do they have to teach us? Racism, class strife, violent cops, corrupt politicians, greedy businessmen and militarism. The poor and excluded of the world have only each other. If we work in solidarity, we surely can do better.


Francisco Dominguez: Maduro’s success: principled resistance to imperialism pays off
None of the recent economic gains would have been possible without the solid support of the people of Venezuela, especially its productive sectors, namely workers and peasants — not as atomised masses supporting the government in resisting imperialist aggression, but as conscious and active citizens organised in their class institutions. The resistance to imperialist aggression has strengthened the relationship of the mass organisations of the people (trade unions, peasant bodies, communitarian organisations, women, youth, and so forth) with the PSUV.

Mint Press News: Mark Esper’s Tell-Some Reveals US Plans for War and Terror against Venezuela Pentagon head admits that the Trump administration plotted to invade Venezuela and discussed assassinating President Maduro, carrying out a wave of terrorist attacks on civilian infrastructure, and raising a mercenary army to start a Contra-style terror war. Esper also all but confirms Washington’s involvement in Operation Gideon – a botched military invasion of the country, and a 2018 attempt on Maduro’s life. In his book, Bolton claimed Trump said that it would be “cool” to invade Venezuela because it is “really part of the United States.” …Esper’s memoir reveals that senior U.S. officials often spoke frankly about carrying out waves of terror attacks on Venezuelan civilian infrastructure, a disclosure that sheds new light on a number of highly suspicious explosions, fires, blackouts and other mishaps inside Venezuela – events that the Maduro administration has long blamed on the US. Western media, however, routinely dismissed these allegations as conspiracy theories.

Jimmy Dore: US  to “allow” Venezuela to sell oil to Europe


Full page paid ad in San Francisco Chronicle: Speaker Nancy Pelosi Let Cuban Live! 
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Global Health Partners: Help Send Life-Saving Medical Supplies to Cuba An urgent drive to send scarce anesthesia machines and sutures to Havana’s main trauma surgery hospital, the Calixto Garcia Hospital, which has 23 operating rooms, but just two working anesthesia machines. The hospital’s dedicated medical staff needs to perform more than 50 lifesaving surgeries each day, but lacks the equipment to treat all these patients.

Labor Education Project on AFL-CIO International Operations On the role of the Solidarity Center in the overthrow of democratic governments in Latin America.


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