Venezuela & ALBA News 8.19.2022: New US Operation against Venezuela; Help Cuba at this Critical Moment

Orinoco Tribune: Venezuela Gold Case: Queen Elizabeth Recognizes Maduro, Central Bank President Reveals August 5 the Venezuelan government presented diplomatic letters signed by Queen Elizabeth II addressed to President Nicolás Maduro, in which the Queen recognizes Maduro as the head of state and government of Venezuela. The president of the Central Bank of Venezuela Calixto Ortega, said, “The diplomatic correspondence is evidence that the United Kingdom recognized Nicolás Maduro as president of Venezuela.” According to Ortega, these letters also “undermine” the ruling of a British court that refused to return gold, while ruling on the case on July 29.

Mision Verdad: Argentine Judge Orders The Theft of Venezuela’s EMTRASUR Plane at US Request The federal judge of Lomas de Zamora, Federico Villena, has made official the theft of the Venezuelan EMTRASUR aircraft at the request of the US. Villena also ordered the aircraft to be searched for the third time, but this time with the joint participation of the Airport Security Police of Buenos Aires and agents of the US FBI, in order to draw up an inventory at the request of the judge in the original case, Washington DC federal judge Michael Harvey. The crew members of the plane are still awaiting a ruling from the Argentine courts regarding whether they can leave Argentina and return to their countries. It is being investigated if any member of the crew “was linked to some type of terrorist activity or group or whether they flew over and landed in Argentina with some criminal purpose.”

1+1 Ep161 Youri speaks to Dr. Maria Paez-Victor Venezuelan-Canadian Sociologist on Venezuelan topics

Venezuelanalysis video: The Ultimate Guide on Sanctions Against Venezuela After cycling through different options to oust the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela, the US settled on a weapon of choice: economic sanctions (aka unilateral coercive measures). What are sanctions? How do they work? What has their impact been? In our latest joint production with Tatuy Tv, we go deep into Washington’s collective punishment of Venezuelans as well as the surrounding corporate media coverage.

Consortium News: The Failure of Sanctions “Economic sanctions deliver bigger global shocks than ever before and are easier to evade,” observed Nicholas Mulder, author of The Economic Weapon,The Rise of Sanctions as a Tool of Modern War. Moreover, there is a club of sanctioned countries, they feed off each other, share information and mechanisms to circumvent sanctions, and they cooperate with each other, such as Russia with China or Iran, or Cuba and Iran with Venezuela, even obtaining support from third party countries such as Turkey.  The major sanctioners are the United States, the European Union, Canada, Australia, Japan, Israel and Switzerland.

CEPR Sanctions Watch, July 2022 Economic sanctions have become one of the main tools of US foreign policy, despite little proof of their efficacy, and widespread evidence that they often cause harm, and deaths, among civilian populations; and that these civilian impacts may be a large part of how sanctions are intended to achieve political goals. Though now a defining feature of the global economic order, sanctions, and their human costs, receive relatively little attention in most US media outlets. A look at the sanctions/blockade on Afghanistan, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, Russia.

Tulsi Gabbard speaks on Sanctions

1. Emergency appeal to send badly needed supplies to Cuba IFCO, Global Health Partners, Saving Lives Campaign
2. Help Us Raise $50,000 for Victims of Cuba’s Disastrous Fire, Code Pink, Puentes De Amor
3.Cuba Urgently Needs our Help Today! Matanzas is not Alone!

WOLA: Organizations Call on the U.S. for Immediate Disaster Relief, Enhanced Bilateral Cooperation, and Suspension of Sanctions to Support the Cuban People Amid Explosion at Cuba’s Largest Oil Storage Facility

Granma: Pope Francis “Cuba is a symbol, Cuba has a great history” Some of the words uttered by the Pope took the MIami Cuban rightwing to the paroxysm of rage, such as “I love the Cuban people very much. I had good human relations with Cuban people and also, I confess, I have a human relationship with Raul Castro.”

Tom Whitney: Remembering Fidel Haydée Santamaría’s remarks  in 1967, “for me, being a communist is not being a member of a party: for me, being a communist is having an attitude towards life. Fidel is a communist with an attitude; he is more than a Party member. Fidel is the unequivocable communist who is so scarce today and who is needed to bring to fruition the just causes of the whole world.”

Video: Cuba Dice Yo Soy Fidel short video with music on Fidel’s life work


Orinoco Tribune: Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega Lashes Out at President of Argentina re: EMTRASUR Boeing 747 Case Daniel Ortega, taking a principled anti-imperialist stand,  criticized his Argentinian counterpart, Alberto Fernández, for following orders from the US for having the Venezuelan Boeing 747-300 detained in Buenos Aires, along with its crew. During an event for the 42nd anniversary of the naval force, Ortega repudiated the Argentinian government for kidnapping Venezuelan brothers and sisters, only because the White House ordered it. Daniel Ortega’s speech on the subject

The Grayzone: Nicaragua’s top health advisor on confronting Covid: “the way to face this was to keep working” without enforcing mandates, no lockdown, or closings of any operations Nicaragua has by far the lowest deaths per million from covid of any country in the Americas – how they did it.

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