Join Us in Our Podcast Premier of The People, Yes!

Episode 1: Political prisoners with music by Just Najima

Listen to our launching episode of The People, Yes podcast to explore what it means to be a political prisoner in the U.S. and hear the powerful blues music of Tucson talent and local activist, Just Najima!

In this episode, we interview Freedom Archives director and former political prisoner Claude Marks about the intersecting struggles against police brutality and mass incarceration and the importance of organizing in solidarity with today’s prison rebellions. We also hear from AfGJ staff contributors of our extensive list of political prisoners in the US in order to understand the current rise in politically-motivated incarcerations in the U.S.

Listen to our podcast here!



The People, Yes is a podcast series of international conversation and music on social change brought to you by AfGJ. We hear from organizers, experts and movement leaders worldwide and listen to the music that’s been inspiring us. In our discussion and featured music, we envision liberation from the Empire and pathways to a better, more beautiful world.

Look out for our next episode of The People, Yes, in which we’ll be having conversations with our partners in Latin America about what a Biden Administration and the return of the neoliberalism of the Obama era means for the future of popular struggles and resistance to the Empire south of the U.S.

We welcome feedback from our listeners and encourage you to send an email to [email protected] if you have any questions or suggestions for future podcast ideas. Thank you!