Stop the Invasion of Haiti – It’s not too late!

Stop the Invasion of Haiti – It’s not too late! Follow this link to sign the petition to the US Congress against funding military forces in Haiti!

“Open air prison, entrenched poverty with little opportunity, foreign domination, massive political arrests, inhumane prison conditions, refusal of occupiers to recognize elections, threats of new invasions… are we talking about Palestine or Haiti? Are the struggles of the Haitian people and the struggles of the Palestinian people connected?”

This is the question put by Tanya Nuñez of the Alliance for Global Justice to Austin Cole of Black Alliance for Peace. (AFGJ participates in the Zone of Peace Campaign initiated by BAP.) Click here to see his insightful response.

The short answer, though, is that both Palestine and Haiti are targets for invasions and occupations backed by the US government. Even now, the Biden administration wants to spend more than $200 million for a new invasion of Haiti and $105 billion to fund wars in Ukraine and Palestine, provocations against China, and militarization of the US southern border. This is not acceptable.

However, there are cracks in the plans for Haiti. While Kenyan President William Ruto has agreed that his country would lead a multinational force in Haiti, the proposal is unpopular. The Kenyan High Court has delayed the deployment, saying it is not constitutional and not part of a fully processed treaty. The opposition has rejected the deployment because it has not been approved by Kenya’s congress. The deployment is supposed to take place shortly before the 20th anniversary of the US orchestrated overthrow of Haiti’s President Jean Bertrand Aristide in 2004. Since that coup, the nation has experienced endless repression and the denial of democracy and basic human rights.

Follow this link to view our playlist of short and informative videos about Haiti. Tanya Nuñez of AFGJ interviews Austin Cole and Erica Caines of Black Alliance for Peace.