Venezuela & ALBA News 2.23.2024: Standing with Palestine; More on the Latest Coup Plot; Navalny on Venezuela; Spring Delegations

Al Mayadeen: Cuban President backs Lula’s comments on Gaza genocide President Miguel Diaz-Canel expressed solidarity with Brazilian President Lula after he was classified as persona non grata by “Israel for his sincere condemnation of the extermination of the Palestinian population in Gaza.” Brazilian President said during an African Union summit in Addis Ababa, “What’s happening in the Gaza Strip isn’t a war, it’s a genocide,” that Israeli troops were not fighting “soldiers against soldiers,” but rather a highly prepared army against “women and children.” He expressed that what was going on in Palestine had happened in the past when Hitler “decided to kill the Jews.”

Al Mayadeen: Venezuela’s Maduro stands behind Lula on Israel  Maduro also backed Lula’s remarks and stated during his TV show that the Israeli occupation was doing to the Palestinians what was done by Hitler to the Jewish people.  “Hitler was a construct, a monster created by the Western elites… As President Lula da Silva said, the Israeli government is doing the same thing to the Palestinians that Hitler did to the Jews: eliminating them.” In November, Lula called “Israel’s attitude toward children, toward women, “equal to terrorism,” stressing that “there’s no other way to put it.”

Cuba Ministry of Foreign Relations: Cuba Presents Case for Palestine at the International Court of Justice Link to full Cuban statement to the ICJ – a pronouncement in the clearest, strongest and most forceful legal terms, in defense of International Law, on the crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinian people. The Cuban representative stressed the need to address the complicity of countries such as the United States with genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, and the apartheid regime in Palestine. Cuba concluded its statement with the demand for a clear pronouncement to the International Court of Justice, whose Advisory Opinion should establish the legal consequences for Israel, the other States and the United Nations, for the violations of the norms of prohibition of the threat or use of force.

Daniel Ortega speech on the 90th anniversary of the killing of Sandino “This Manifesto of our General Sandino is still valid, because the Struggle continues, the battle continues, the imperialists of the earth have not disappeared, rather they are committing horrendous crimes, like those they are committing against the Palestinian people, day by day, in the sight and patience of the countries that call themselves civilized, the European countries, accomplices of these crimes, and they launch aggression against all peoples, against the Nicaraguan people. They launch aggression against all the peoples of the world, but the peoples resist, the peoples do not surrender, the peoples do not sell out, Ever!

TeleSur: Venezuelan Attorney General Provides More Data on Attempted Coup Plot and “Human Rights” NGO leader Rocio San Miguel Tareck William Saab presented maps with the coordinates of 24 security zones and military installations that were seized from  Rocio San Miguel during her detention. He insisted that San Miguel is a spy who developed contacts with Venezuela army members to unleash illegal actions. “We found evidence of the elaboration of lists and profiles of the military commanders of the country. From their communications, it is clear that they have lists of all military personnel. Explain to me how a supposed human rights activist should have this type of information. This corresponds more to the profile of an agent.”

Infancia Under Siege [Children Under Siege]: Chapter 5, Section 1: Right to Food Local Committees of Supply and Production (CLAP) which concentrate the largest channel of door-to-door food distribution, with volunteer support from members of the community, serves 7,500,000 families. “In September 2017, the transfer to Venezuela of 18 million subsidized food boxes to the CLAP program, is blocked by the U.S. financial system… That same year, a total of 23 Venezuelan financial operations allocated for food, basic supplies, and medicines, were returned by international banks.” A fundamental aspect of this collective punishment on children’s right to food was the dramatic decline in food imports by almost 90% in 2019, which increased the Undernourishment Prevalence Index of the population from 6% in the 2014-2015 period to 12% in 2019. The FAO stated number of the Venezuelan population that lacks sufficient dietary energy to lead a healthy life rose from 2.8 million people in 2004-2016 to 6.8 million people in 2016-2018, to 7.8 million during 2018-2020.

Venezuelanalysis: UN Rapporteur Urges ‘Immediate’ Sanctions Lifting, Gov’t Actions for Food Security Fakhri published a preliminary statement at the end of his two-week visit. The report heavily focused on economic sanctions, described as “negatively impact[ing] food production and distribution.” The UN expert pointed at blocked or overpriced imports and fuel shortages as direct consequences of sanctions and added that they have “disproportionately affected” the most vulnerable groups…Fakhri, who is a professor at the University of Oregon, found indigenous communities to be especially vulnerable when it comes to food security and expressed concern over general conditions in detention centers.

Late Russian “human rights” activist Alexey Navalny on Venezuela Statement of his full support for Juan Guaido.

Sputnik News: How is the US strangling the Venezuelan economy? An interview with president of the Brazil-Venezuela Chamber of Commerce, Darc Costa. “Venezuela has always depended heavily on the US capital goods industry to sustain its oil production. So the parts and other elements used in oil exploration all come from the US. With the blockade, the oil industry and the Venezuelan gas industry is, in some way, very affected, because it does not have supplies or parts to replace, in this case the parts that wear out in this oil and gas production and this causes a drop in Venezuela’s oil production.” “The US Government has the power to sanction others because, after Bretton Woods, it has a virtual monopoly on trade relations in the world, which is exercised through the dollar. By having the dollar, they have the power of ‘lordship’, the power to establish trade rules for other countries. “When asked if the US is really meddling in Venezuela’s internal affairs, Costa replied, “Of course they are doing it. When you sanction any country to fulfill some political objective, you are intervening in the affairs of that country.”

Orinoco Tribune: Venezuela Reports Lowest Monthly Inflation in 12 Years The Central Bank of Venezuela published the inflation data for January 2024. The consumer price index rose at a 1.7% rate, a decrease of 0.7 points compared to December 2023, when it stood at 2.4%. Compared to the 42.1% inflation in January 2023, Venezuela has managed to reduce inflation by 40.4 points despite persistent illegal sanctions and blockades by the US and Europe.


Sunday, February 25, 3pm ET:  “The Evolution of Education in Nicaragua” with member of the Directors’ Council of the Ministry of Education, and the Deputy Director for Vocational Training, National Technological Institute
March 11: Nicaragua Solidarity Coalition monthly zoom meetings: second Monday of the month (next: March 11), 2:30 PM ET. Email [email protected] in advance to request Zoom access for the meeting.
Latin American School of Medicine Scholarships deadline is March 15
March 16: Teach-in on Cuba. With a delegation from Federation of Cuban Women 
May 4-5: 8th International Seminar for Peace and the Abolition of Foreign Military Bases, Guantanamo, Cuba sponsored by The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), and the World Peace Council


Nicaragua Delegations Casa Ben Linder 2024 delegations: 

  • June 8-16: Global Health Intensive
  • July 9-21: Solidarity in Action: Celebrating 45 Years of Revolution in Nicaragua
  • November 8-17: Salud & Solidaridad: Hands-On Healthcare in Nicaragua

Cuba Delegations

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