Venezuela & ALBA News: 1.20.2023: Venezuelan Economic Growth under Continuing US Blockade; Bolivia to Prosecute Coup-Makers; Nicaragua’s Model Anti-Poverty Programs

TeleSur: President Maduro Presents Report on Venezuelan Economic Growth in 2022 Charts in the article show some of the positive changes. Regarding non-traditional exports, Maduro explained that a 151.6% growth was reported; imports had a 106% increase, going from $3,979.3 million in 2021 to $8,194.4 million in 2022. President Maduro highlighted that the goal set for the construction of some 500,000 houses was met, reaching the milestone of 4,400,000 homes delivered through the Great Venezuelan Housing Mission; more than 1,237,100 urban land titles were granted. Also, 235,651 houses were rehabilitated through the Gran Misión Barrio Nuevo.

TeleSur: Venezuela condemns the continuation of the US aggressive sanctions policy “We thought that the U.S. was going to lift the sanctions after their failure. This, however, has not been the case,” Chancellor Gil said. The US State Department declared that it would continue to pressure the Bolivarian government with sanctions as long as Maduro continues “to repress” the Venezuelan people and “divert resources for corrupt practices”. “Imperialism and its extremist lackeys stole us about $411 million a day over the last eight years through the coercive policies applied against us” – President Maduro.

Mision Verdad: The US Agenda for the Gradual Destruction of Dialogue in Venezuela The Venezuelan funds illegally seized by US sanctions, amounting to some $3 billion to be released after the agreement in Mexico, continue to be withheld. The US interest in weakening the Venezuela government dialogue with the opposition and preventing the release of funds seems to be aimed at intensifying the country’s precarious economic situation, thereby, indirectly affecting the viability of Maduro’s economic recovery plan. However, they cannot openly and insistently tighten the noose, as that could compromise Chevron’s recently approved operations in Venezuela and the very electoral concessions that the Unitary Platform hopes to achieve in Mexico.

Orinoco Tribune: Great March of Educators of the Homeland in Caracas During the mobilization, the president of the National Unitary Teachers’ Force Union, Orlando Pérez, indicated that  President Maduro; the Minister of Education, and the Minister of the Social Process for Work, Francisco Torrealba, have spoken out in defense of education, salary and job stability for educators. Meanwhile, some unions and opposition parties are trying to take advantage of the teachers’ natural discontent to advance their political agendas. Analysts, however, estimate that such strategies will not be successful since the Venezuelan people recognize the shady interests of the opposition politicians and are tired of being used by this sector which has enriched itself by stealing Venezuelan assets and resources abroad.


Political Prisoner Alex Saab
22 talking points about the Alex Saab case A concise summary of the case that you can post around.


TeleSur: Rightwing Coup leader Camacho accused of Bribery and Seduction of Troops The action joins the terrorism charges in the “Coup d’état I” case against opposition governor Luis Fernando Camacho.The charges are active bribery and seduction of troops in relation to the 2019 protests against the government of then President Evo Morales. A recent accusation alleges that former Air Force commander Jorge Gonzalo Terceros received money transfers from Governor Camacho.

Peoples Dispatch: Criminal proceedings against Jeanine Áñez over Senkata massacre begin in Bolivia  The Prosecutor’s Office expanded the criminal proceedings against former far-right coup President Jeanine Áñez, trying her for the crimes of genocide, homicide and serious injuries in the Senkata massacre, committed on November 19, 2019. She had authorized security forces to use extreme force to suppress social protests. She even passed a presidential decree, Supreme Decree 4078, which exempted police and military officials participating in repression operations from criminal responsibility. Áñez is currently imprisoned, serving a 10-year prison sentence. In June 2022, the First Anti-Corruption Sentencing Court of La Paz sentenced her to 10 years in prison in the ‘Coup d’état II’ case.


NicaNotes: Nicaragua Stands Out in Latin America in Combating Poverty With the Sandinista victories after years of neoliberal governments, Nicaragua has focused on meeting people’s needs and reducing poverty. This article explains how Sandinista Nicaragua has been a model in poverty reduction.


Resumen Latinoamericano: Cuban Foreign Minister Criticizes Inequality in the World Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez criticized the vast inequality of wealth that exists in the world. Citing a recent report from Oxfam International, he pointed out that while the fortune of the rich grows, more than 820 million people, approximately 1 in 10 people, go hungry every day. The richest one percent of the world’s population monopolizes 45.6%  of the global wealth, while the poorest half owns only 0.75%.


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