Venezuela & ALBA News 4.19.2024: Venezuela Condemns New US Sanctions; Nicaragua Presents Historic Case against Germany’s Support for Israeli Genocide

Sign Petition: Defender of Venezuela, Danny Shaw, fired from City University of NY for his opposition to Israeli genocide in Palestine These firings are part of a well-documented campaign of repression by CUNY management against faculty, staff, and students who organize against genocide and for Palestine liberation.


Orinoco Tribune: Washington Revokes Oil and Gas License Issued to Venezuela The US regime has revoked license 44, issued in October 2023, in which some of the illegal and unilateral sanctions on the Venezuelan oil and gas sector were temporarily lifted. The US measure was made following threats from to reimpose sanctions against Venezuela, as well as requests from sectors of the Venezuelan and US extreme right to reimpose unilateral coercive measures as a blackmail tool in their failed attempt to interfere in the upcoming presidential elections. President Maduro condemned the fact that the US government has not complied with the agreements signed with Venezuela in the dialogue process, which is aimed at the total lifting of unilateral coercive measures, as well as respecting the Barbados Agreement.

TeleSur: Jorge Rodriguez Denounces US Noncompliance with Agreements Rodriguez highlighted Washington’s non-compliance with the agreements signed in Doha and Mexico. He backed up his statement with a series of documents bearing the signatures of the US delegates, in which they pledged to abide by the Memorandum of Understanding. The President of the National Assembly referred to the meetings with the Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs of the State Department, Brian Nichols. In this respect, he said, “it is always better to tell the truth, because there is always proof of who is lying. In September 2023, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the United States of America signed two memorandums of understanding, on the subject of migration and another on political, diplomatic and government-to-government relations.”

Venezuelanalysis: The Scam Behind ‘Free Elections’ Hillary’s words are a reminder, in case somebody needed it, that Washington does not care about democracy or freedom inside the US or anywhere else. These are just tools to drive their neo-colonial agenda. The formula is quite simple: Elections are only “free” and a country is only “democratic” when a US puppet rules. Otherwise, collective punishment is coming for you until you capitulate. In Venezuela’s July 28 election, there are 13 candidates of which 12 are opposition, between newbies and old foxes, and they come in all flavors. You have free-market lovers, religious conservatives, businessmen and libertarian comedians. “I can’t help but wonder what would it feel like to participate in elections without having to worry about US imperialist retaliation. I would love to be able to measure up Maduro’s government without factoring in sanctions, to make a decision as a voter based entirely on how well or badly people are living exclusively because of government policies.”

Orinoco Tribune: Venezuela Condemns CARICOM’s Interventionist Statement on Essequibo Defense Law “The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) considers that the adoption of ‘the Organic Law for the Defence of Guyana Essequiba’ on 3 April 2024, by the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has occasioned an unacceptable escalation of tensions between that country and the Cooperative Republic of Guyana and has threatened to undermine peace and security in Latin America and the Caribbean,” the CARICOM statement reads. “In its adoption of ‘the Organic Law,’ the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has acted unilaterally, precipitously, and potentially, dangerously. Venezuela’s statement pointed out that it is concerned that CARICOM has not acknowledged for almost a decade the constant violations of international law by Guyana. It highlighted that CARICOM has not commented or questioned the plot between Guyana, ExxonMobil, and the US to discard and violate the 1966 Geneva Agreement as well as the Argyle Declaration. Venezuela urged CARICOM to reflect on Guyana’s military alliance with the United States Southern Command, the CIA, and its call to form an international alliance to attack Venezuela.

Al Mayadeen: Maduro warns of WWIII risk if ‘Nazi Netanyahu’ attacks Iran Maduro warned of the risk of a third world war if the “insane Nazi Netanyahu” escalates the situation against Iran. Maduro questioned what the US would have done had another nation targeted and attacked its consulate, and if it would have sufficed to release a statement with no response. “If this were to happen, the US would invade that country,” Maduro affirmed, recalling the war crimes it carried out in Afghanistan and Iraq. Maduro also said that “fascist Zionism, sponsored by the US, incites chaos and violates international law,” urging for diplomacy and de-escalation.

Al Mayadeen: Maduro orders closure of Venezuelan embassy in Quito over law breach The Venezuelan President endorsed Mexico’s appeal to the United Nations for the suspension of Ecuador’s membership in the organization. April 6 saw the Ecuadorian police raid Mexico’s embassy in Quito to apprehend former Ecuadorian Vice President Jorge Glas, who had sought asylum there following a corruption conviction. In response, Mexico suspended its diplomatic ties with Ecuador, citing injuries sustained by some Mexican diplomats during the police operation.


Peoples Forum: Donate – Bread for Our Neighbors What would you do if your neighbor was starving? Right now the US government is deliberately starving the Cuban people. A food crisis is unfolding on the island of an unprecedented scale. A country where hunger had been made a thing of the past is now running out of bread and other essential food items. Our goal is to send 800 tons of wheat flour to Cuba as legal humanitarian aid, so that millions of people have bread for a month. Can you join with thousands of others to make a donation, as you would for your neighbor next door? A $100 donation buys enough wheat flour to produce 70,000 bread rolls.

Granma: Julian Assange: When did telling the truth become a crime? WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been in a high-security prison in London for five years. For more than a decade, the United States has been after Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, a web portal that between 2006 and 2019 put before everyone’s eyes more than ten million confidential documents on military and diplomatic activities compromising the U.S. administration. Imagine for a minute that, the mask of a nation whose universal discourse is that of the greatest freedoms literally falls in front of the whole world, based on evidence that reveals the use of cyberwarfare and surveillance tools, as well as the execution of terrible actions in Baghdad, Afghanistan, Iraq and the Guantanamo prison, illegally located in Cuba.


Nicaragua Solidarity Coalition newsletter: Nicaragua’s Historic Case against Germany’s Support for Israeli Genocide at the International Court of Justice Video of the proceedings and interviews with Carlos Argüello Gómez, who presented the charges against Germany.


Delegations to Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba

  1. AFGJ Delegation to Venezuela July 21-31Join us in Venezuela during its presidential elections to witness, experience and learn about popular democracy in action and celebrate 22 years of the Bolivarian Revolution since the attempted coup against President Hugo Chávez.
  2. Nicaragua Delegations Casa Ben Linder 2024 delegations
  • July 2024: Solidarity in Action: Celebrating 45 Years of Revolution in Nicaragua
  • November 8-17 2024: Salud & Solidaridad: Hands-On Healthcare in Nicaragua
  • February 2025: The Bird Brigade: Birding in Solentiname Arquipelago
  • March 2025: Power & Protagonism: Women in Nicaragua
  1. Cuba Delegations

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