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Colombia completed its first year of the peace accords being integrated as the “law of the land”, ending more than 50 years of armed conflict between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC-EP). However, enemies of Colombia’s peace are hard at work trying to make sure that none of the concessions to popular movements are implemented and that what peace there is will be a false peace based on repression and dispossession for the many, power and profits for the few. Over the last year there has been a series of assaults, both legal and illegal, against popular movements and ex-insurgents. Political violence during this first “year of peace” are the highest in seven years, with more than 130 popular movement leaders and over 30 ex-insurgents murdered. Most of these killings have been by paramilitary death squads and by the Colombian Armed Forces. Forced displacement also continues, with 17,000 rural Colombians driven from their homes each month. International solidarity is vital to protecting this peace and making sure that it is just and durable.

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Paramilitaries are acting in service to transnational corporations, narco-traffickers, and big landowners and agribusinesses, using a reign of terror to make sure that no communities or social movements will stand in the way of private access to resources. They are doing what they can to intimidate and silence all voices of political opposition.

Meanwhile, the White House is urging the Colombian government to forego voluntary eradication of illicit crops as stipulated in the peace accords. These programs would provide for crop substitution programs and rural infrastructure development. Instead, the US is urging violent, forced eradication and a return to aerial fumigation that endangers villages and ecosystems. These policies have repeatedly resulted in deadly attacks by the Colombian National Police against communities demonstrating to be included in voluntary programs.

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Watch this video of the play Beyond the Walls, a play based on writings collected (and contributed to) by Liliany Obando while she was a political prisoner at the Buen Pastor Womens Prison in Bogotá. The script was developed by AfGJ’s James Jordan in collaboration with Lazos de Dignidad and the International Network in Solidarity with the Political Prisoners. The play was directed by Frida Espinosa Cárdenas. Versions of the play are available from AfGJ in both English and the original Spanish.

This is a video by Dan Gordon which was put together after our 2013 delegation to Colombia. It deals Colombian political prisoners. We are happy to say that thousands of political prisoners and prisoners of war are being released as a result of the peace accords that went into effect at the end of November, 2016. Nevertheless, many political prisoners that are not covered in the accords continue to languish in US funded, advised and accredited prisons, and we continue to receive reports of yet new politically motivated arrests.


Colombia Fact Sheet

by Alice Loaiza, California Chapter of the Marcha Patriótica WHY THE US WON’T SUPPORT PEACE IN COLOMBIA 1. The US has never supported peace in Colombia starting with Plan Lazo and the counterinsurgency team sent to Colombia by the US  to crush Marquetalia and the intervention of Brigadier   General Yarborough who visited Colombia in…

Carta Abierta a Fensuagro, la Marcha Patriótica y el Pueblo Colombiano

In English Queridas hermanos y camaradas: Es con una tristeza profunda que les escribimos para ofrecer nuestras condolencias por las víctimas de los recientes ataques contra sus organizaciones y contra todo el proceso de paz. Hemos sabido que 72 defensores de derechos laborales y humanos, activistas por la paz, dirigentes indígenas y ambientalistas han sido…

An Open Letter to Fensuagro, the Marcha Patriótica and All the Colombian People

En español Dear Sisters, Brothers, Friends and Comrades, It is with deep sorrow that we write to express our condolences for the recent assaults against your organizations and against the entire process for peace. We have learned that 72 human and labor rights defenders, peace activists, indigenous leaders and environmentalists were assassinated in 2016 alone.…