Eco-Solidarity Project


The Eco-Solidarity Project is formed around the belief that there is nothing more important we can do for the planet than to dismantle the US/Corporate Empire. It is not enough to simply declare our opposition to capitalism. There’s a driver in the seat of real world, 21st Century capitalism, and that’s the US/NATO military alliance. That alliance acts as the protector, maintainer, and proponent of transnational corporations and the oligarchy of the 1%. The Eco-Solidarity Project has  two main goals:  to build links between ecological struggle and movements for liberation; and to help mobilize the kind of solidarity the world most demands of the United States-that we stop putting the rest of the planet in peril.  We in the US consume some 25% of the world’s energy resources, produce one third of the world’s solid waste and produce more carbon dioxide emissions per person than any other country.   We maintain a military machine that spends almost as much as the combined military costs of every other country on Earth. Our war machine and its allies are the biggest sources of ecological threats and destruction on the planet.  Our job is to reverse the economics and politics of war and greed and bring ecological consciousness and participatory democracy home.

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