Eco-Solidarity Project


The Eco-Solidarity Project is formed around the belief that there is nothing more important we can do for the planet than to dismantle the US/Corporate Empire. It is not enough to simply declare our opposition to capitalism. There’s a driver in the seat of real world, 21st Century capitalism, and that’s the US/NATO military alliance in service to transnational corporations and the oligarchy of the 1%. The Eco-Solidarity Project has  two main goals:  to build links between ecological struggle and movements for liberation; and to help mobilize the kind of solidarity the world most demands of the United States-that we stop putting the rest of the planet in peril.  We in the US consume some 25% of the world’s energy resources, produce one third of the world’s solid waste and produce more carbon dioxide emissions per person than any other country (18.6 tons per person in 2010).   We maintain a military machine that spends almost as much as the combined military costs of every other country on Earth. Our war machine and its allies are the biggest sources of ecological destruction on the planet.  Our job is to reverse the economics and politics of war and corporate greed and bring ecological consciousness and participatory democracy home.

Much of the Eco-Solidarity Project’s activity has to do with informing the other work of the Alliance for Global Justice with an ecological analysis. We have additionally developed several specific projects of solidarity that we believe both defends Mother Earth while also advancing efforts to liberate Earth and her ecosystems from the claws of Empire. We have waged or are waging campaigns against the development of the Conga gold and the Tia Maria copper mines in Peru; in defense of the Fensuagro peasant union of Colombia as they protect land from big agribusinesses and transnational corporations; and in solidarity with the Yaqui peoples in their efforts to protect the Rio Yaqui, which is doubly threatened by free trade agreements and construction of a natural gas pipeline owned by the US based Sempra corporation.

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AfGJ Statement of Solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux Pipeline Protest

dakota pipeline

Alliance for Global Justice (AfGJ) formally denounces the further construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline and is in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux and the Native American coalition on the ground in North Dakota. The effort to resist this pipeline is yet another example of the continual struggle against US colonization and its destructive…

If We Want to Save the World – An Internationalist Declaration


The same imperialism that has caused so much damage to the Global South today continues expanding and threatening the whole planet. Consequently, the struggle for climate justice has converted into a struggle for the liberation of all workers, peasants, indigenous and ecosystems. The struggle against Empire is a struggle to save life on Earth. (Originally…

Water Policy and Socialism—Imagining the Possibilities

El agua es nuestra

by James Jordan, from a September 26, 2015 presentation at the Salt of The Earth Labor College in Tucson, Arizona Michael Parenti has said that Capitalism takes living nature, transforms it into commodities and transforms commodities into dead capital. It takes life, soil, mineral, air and water, everything Mother Earth has to offer and transforms…

Climate Change and War–Two Faces, One Beast


We need YOU to ACT! Please sign our petition to End US Military and Border Patrol Environmental Exemptions! Please share this with others. You can also click here to print out a hard copy for distribution at pulic events. United Nations negotiators will be meeting in Paris this December to work out a strategy to…

John McCain’s “midnight riders” put borderlands at risk

bmg border deer

John McCain’s “midnight riders” put borderlands at risk Click HERE to take action! by: James Jordan September 15 2015, Originally published in the Peoples World Ever heard of “Sneaky John and the Midnight Riders”? No, it’s not the name of a rock band, not some outlaw gang from the 1800s. What it refers to is…

Protests against Peru’s Tia Maria Mine and International Solidarity


by James Jordan What does it take to stop a transnational corporate giant in its tracks when it threatens workers, farmers and communities? The people of Arequipa, Peru have an answer. Originally published in the Peoples World Unionists, rural workers, popular movements, and environmentalists are coming together in this region of southern Peru to halt…

¡Estamos a favor de la Tierra, contra el Imperio!

En Colombia manifestantes exigen paz y justa y un fin al robo de sus recursos naturales

Declaración de la campaña, ‘”Por la Tierra, Contra el Imperio” de la Alianza para la Justicia Global (AFGJ, por su siglas en inglés- Traduccion por Adrian Boutureira Sansberro Para leer en inglés, hace clic aquí Firme la Promesa a Resistir por la Tierra, Contra el Imperio La Tierra se está muriendo. La Tierra no…

Join the “For Earth, Against Empire” Campaign

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Sign the FOR EARTH, AGAINST EMPIRE Pledge of Resistance! Click here to read and share the “Stop the Wars, Stop the Warming” statement and learn more about the People’s Climate March, this September in New York!  Learn about AfGJ’s Peru Delegation for the December UN Climate Summit  Versión en español Earth is dying. Earth is…