A peoples’ education initiative: Lucy Parsons Popular Human Rights School

About the school

The Lucy Parsons Popular Human Rights School is an initiative founded by the Alliance for Global Justice to provide training, build skills and infrastructure to grassroots activists organizing for transformative change and an end to human rights violations in and by the United States.

Centering the lived realities, theories and movement-building strategies of our Black and Indigenous-led sister organizations in the U.S. and the Americas,

The school envisions the cultivation of a stronger and more unified grassroots network of human rights advocates to spearhead the U.S. movement at the front lines of struggle for liberation from capitalism, racism, colonialism, patriarchy, neoliberalism and other forms of injustice.

Photograph: Kerem Yucel/AFP/Getty Images

Our six-week educational program will include:

  • An introduction to the philosophical and historical roots of popular human rights theory
  • An introduction to the structural foundations of modern human rights violations
  • “Know your rights” workshops and an introduction to international human rights law
  • Identification of various types of human rights violations
  • Documentation of human rights violations
  • Human rights defense campaign strategizing

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Help us document human rights violations

As part of the collective effort to democratize information sharing and support historical documentation efforts, we’re developing an open-source Human Rights Violations Documentation Database. Use our Human Rights Violations in the U.S. Reporting Depository below to report human rights violations committed against yourself, another individual, a group, or a community. Submissions will be reviewed and archived to our database (coming soon).

Access AFGJ’s Individual Human Rights Violations Reporting Depository

Access AFGJ’s Collective Human Rights Violations Reporting Depository 

Stay tuned for our Human Rights in the U.S. 2021 Report!

Read the first section of our Human Rights Report, Black America and white supremacy: race as a factor in human rights abuses here.

For more information, contact hrs@afgj.org.