Protest against the Southern Command and President Biden’s recolonization policy

The Monroe Doctrine was the declaration of President James Monroe, in December 1823, which established the enduring policy of the United States to oppose intervention in Latin America by any foreign power in what the North American elite considered its “backyard.”

Invoking that doctrine Since the 1800s, the United States has invaded countries across Latin America and the Caribbean to undermine independent governments and impose client states. To this end, Washington carried out a policy of aggression and violence that led to the murder and disappearance of thousands of civilians and the imposition of long dictatorships, plunging many of these developing countries into poverty and misery.

Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haití, Nicaragua, Panamá, and Venezuela among many others, have been victims of the policy of dispossession represented by the Monroe Doctrine and executed with direct or indirect deployment of US military power.

Over the past two years, General Laura J. Richardson, U.S. Southern Command, has been very active in Latin America. When in Argentina, together with President Milei, she announced the opening of a joint military base in Ushuaia in the extreme south of Argentina. She has also been to Guyana, Honduras, Ecuador, Perú, Chile, Colombia, Brasil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Panamá. General Richardson, stated in Washington DC that the “dictatorships” of Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela, “support malignant and destabilizing activities for democracy in the region.” Southern command aims at expanding the US military presence in the region by establishing more military bases in countries like Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Guyana.

Washington aims at rolling back the pink tide of progressive governments that has advanced the project of independence and integration of many Latin American nations over the past two decades. Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela are the primary targets for the overthrow of constitutional governments because they have been in the forefront of the Bolivarian cause throughout the Americas.

At this moment we are facing a renewed attempt by Washington to recolonize the continent, and Southern command is installing its instruments of death, intimidation, and domination throughout the region. We suspect that another project Condor is underway, this time one that uses economic warfare and lawfare as well as the use of coups against democratically elected governments.

The US appears set on imposing a unipolar world in an already existing multipolar world.  In the Middle East it has gone to the extreme of backing Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people. From the Middle East to Latin America, we condemn Washington’s attempt to recolonize our peoples and support foreign policy based on mutual respect among nations.

The US attempt to impose a unipolar world in an already existing multipolar world threatens to plunge the planet into a world war; this puts all life on the planet at risk of annihilation.

Please spread the word: No to South Com’s attempt to recolonize Latin America. Yes to Latin American independence and integration.