Venezuela-ALBA 1.29.2021: US Blocking Vaccine Funds for Venezuela; New Terrorist Attempt Thwarted; Ecuador Election; Crucial Year for Nicaragua; Webinars


Progressive International statement: Joe Biden, End Illegal US Sanctions Now As President, Joseph Biden must take urgent action to restore the right of all countries to have sovereign relations with the world, untrammelled by US interference through their sanctions policy.

Orinoco Tribune (Nino Pagliccia): Venezuela: The Geneva Agreement on Essequibo Cannot be Waived

CodePink: Teri Mattson speaks with Vijay Prashad about his recent book: Viviremos: Venezuela Vs. Hybrid War

Internationalist360: Venezuela Neutralizes Operation Red October, a Terrorist Plan Directed by Guaidó

Orinoco Tribune: Guaido Blocks Funds for Vaccines as Venezuela Sends COVID-19 Aid to Brazil


NicaNotes: A Crucial Year for Nicaragua


Arnold August: Removing Cuba from the “Terrorist List” is awkward for President Biden?

News Click: The US is Trying to Provoke a Soft Coup in Cuba



Steve Lalla: Ecuador’s Presidential Election Critical for the Left

Recent and Upcoming Webinars

Video: How the US blockade impacts Cuban agriculture

Video: How US Policy is Hurting Hondurans and Nicaraguans

Video: Nicaragua’s Popular Economy and Creative Development

January 31: Jose Marti – Revolutionary, Visionary, Leader

February 2: Ecuador’s Presidential Election: Monica Palacios, UNES candidate for North America, interviewed by Joe Emersberger

February 7: Importance of US, Canada & Cuba health collaboration

February 10: Nicaragua, climate justice and agroecology

February 13: Trump has gone – time to end US sanctions on Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela


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