3 Budgets, 3 Choices

The following alert was originally distributed by the New Priorities Network, of which AFGJ is a part.

This week, the US Conference of Mayors passed a resolution calling for the federal government to change its spending priorities and redirect military spending to domestic priorities.

The Mayor’s have had their say. Now have yours!

Does the country need the GOP/Ryan budget, President Obama’s budget or Congressional Progressive Caucus People’s budget?

Take the New Priorities Network budget poll.

As the Senate works on FY2012 budget, they need to hear from the grassroots about what the federal government needs to do to rebuild the economy. On July 15, we will publish the results. You will be able to send your congressional district poll results to your Senators and Congressional Representative.

This week, please share the poll with community groups, family, coworkers and friends. If you have taken the poll, great. If you have gotten 2-4 more to do the same, even better.

But the greater the numbers, the bigger the impact. Please help by following the steps below!

1. Vote for your budget!
2. Share the poll on community listserves: https://federalbudgetpoll.questionpro.com/.
3. Post it to Facebook and send it out on Twitter.

The newly elected president of the US Conference of Mayors, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, spoke to reporters after the vote on the resolution. He said, “What we wanted to make clear is that the best way to support and honor those troops is to give them a job when they come back home.”

We must build a consensus for how we can feed the hungry and employ the jobless. Have your say!