Activist School Needs Instructors!

Alliance for Global Justice is in the initial steps of forming an Online Activist Training School. We hope to have it up and running this Fall and are looking for qualified instructors to teach our courses.

In order to address the topic of US militarism as well as basic organizer skills, we hope to draw on long-term movement leaders and participants to instruct our courses. We will pay instructors on a flat fee for each course they teach, and an additional amount for students over a set number.

We are looking individuals that:

  • Have extensive knowledge on either organizing and activism or extensive knowledge of a particular topic or theme related to militarization. (See list of potential course ideas below.)
  • Are able to facilitate online courses on a semi-regular basis and provide thoughtful feedback and punctual interaction with students.
  • Are able to produce a five-week syllabus that will increase the skills and topical understanding of activists in their course.

If you are interested or would like to recommend someone, please send a note of inquiry to Jamie Way at Please include some information about yourself, your experience with activism or research in your particular area, and a brief summary of the course you would hope to teach. Additionally, feel free to include any questions you may have.

Some ideas of potential courses we would like to offer include:

  • The Military Industrial Complex
  • US Military Interventions in Latin America – Monroe Doctrine to the Contra War
  • The Drug War
  • Military Bases at Home and Abroad
  • The Environmental Costs of US Militarism
  • Anti-War Strategies – Past and Present
  • Capitalism and Militarism: Imperialism’s Two Faces
  • Philosophical Underpinnings of Activism: Pacifism to Armed Revolution
  • To the Barricades: From organizing a demonstration to meeting with elected officials
  • Direct Action
  • Organizing and the Law
  • Fundraising
  • New Media
  • Everyone can be a Journalist