Venezuela & ALBA News 8.6.2021 Peru President Pedro Castillo’s Inauguration Speech and the Changing Face of Latin America

Inauguration Speech of Peru President Pedro Castillo, July 28, 2021

Mision Verdad: Perú on the Lima Group: ‘The Most Disastrous Thing We Have Done in International Politics’The so-called Lima Group and its attempts to force regime change in Venezuela seems to have now come to an end with the arrival of Pedro Castillo to the presidency of Peru.

Tortilla con Sal: Defending Latin America’s Resistance Axis Hezbollah leader Nasrallah speech on combating imperialist aggression have particular relevance to the Resistance Axis composed of the ALBA countries led by Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela whose governments all strongly support Iran and Syria. In varying degrees, these countries have also long suffered relentless aggression from the US, its allies and regional proxies, in Cuba’s case for over sixty years. Nasrallah’s criteria definitely apply to the experience of this bloc of resistance to US and allied imperialism in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Evo Morales: For a Plurinational America Evo sets out the guiding principles of RUNASUR, a nascent alliance that will be launched for the plurinational integration of indigenous peoples, afro-descendant peoples, worker’s unions, territorial organizations, and social movements in Latin America and the Caribbean. RUNASUR, created by movements, aims to resolve the historical debt that the peoples are owed in the face of economic, social, cultural crises.

Internationalist 360: Interview with Professor Adán Chávez: Continuous Coup Plan against Cuba and Venezuela“The current political situation of the country is different from that of a few years ago; an aspect to which the National Dialogue called by comrade President Nicolás Maduro, between the patriotic and revolutionary forces and the constitutionalist opposition, has contributed in a good way. As a result of the conversations transcendental agreements were reached, related to the rejection of the military intervention and the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed on the country; as well as the ratification of the peaceful and democratic way as the only way to resolve our differences, and the commitment to the defense of our Essequibo Territory.”

Orinoco Tribune: ALBA-TCP and Iran Discuss Cooperation and Common Agenda – Ties with Latin America a Priority

Orinoco Tribune: PSUV Wraps Up Campaign to Elect Precandidates for  November 21 Elections  The PSUV campaign process involves 60,000 pre-candidates, selecting those who will stand for the primary elections to be held on August 8, in preparation for the elections of governors and mayors scheduled for November 21.

Kawsachunnews: Cuba Denounces use of Clubhouse App to Organize Counterrevolution Another good example of how US social media platforms place themselves at the service of Washington’s regime change operations. Foreign Minister of Cuba, Bruno Rodriguez said the social networking app, which was first launched exclusively in the Apple App Store, has been utilized by political operators in the United States to send instructions for destabilization plans.

Code Pink: Teri Mattson interviews Nicaragua Vice Minister Javier Gutierrez: Nicaragua, Climate Change and COP26

Friends of the ATC Nicaragua: How Did Nicaragua Reduce Hunger and Malnutrition? Despite crippling, unilateral sanctions and globally rising food prices, hunger levels in Nicaragua have been falling. The Sandinista government has been able to ensure people’s food needs are met through its focus on building food sovereignty and security. How has this been achieved? Erika Takeo from Nicaragua’s Association of Rural Workers (ATC) and Rohan Rice, a writer and campaigner with the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign explain.

Orinoco Tribune: European Union Sanctions Nicaraguan Vice President Rosario Murillo A new example of the Western powers interfering in the internal affairs of Nicaragua to further regime change.

Alex Saab Case

Orinoco Tribune: Judicial Decision on Alex Saab’s Extradition Expected Next Week The Constitutional Court of Cape Verde scheduled a hearing on the constitutional appeal of the special envoy of Venezuela, Alex Saab Morán, for next August 13 at 9:00 a.m. Saab has been held in Cape Verdean prison for 410 days under an arbitrary measure emanating from the United States, to imprison the Venezuelan diplomat for “violating” the US blockade on his country.


Webinars and Delegations to Venezuela and Cuba

Nov. 17-27: Delegation to Venezuela – witness effects of sanctions and responses on the ground in the context of the 2021 Venezuela regional elections

Witness for Peace 2021 delegations to Cuba

IFCO Pastors for Peace Delegations to Cuba

Code Pink delegation to Cuba December 4-11

Ben Linder Solidarity School 2021 starts August 7   A 10-week virtual course to study and strengthen solidarity with Nicaragua and its popular organizations like the Asociación de Trabajadores del Campo (Rural Workers’ Association), and international movements like La Via Campesina. This course is meant for anyone who is interested in strengthening internationalism and accompanying social movements.

August 9 webinar: What’s Going on in Cuba? Bárbara Montalvo Álvarez, Cuban ambassador to Britain; Cristina Escobar, Radio Havana Cuba; Ollie Vargas, Kawsachun News, Bolivia
Richard Burgon MP; Grahame Morris MP; Len McCluskey, General Secretary, Unite the Union
Rob Miller, Director, Cuba Solidarity Campaign

August 10 webinar: Free Venezuela diplomat Alex Saab

August 12 webinar: Canada in Venezuela: Orinoco Tribune to Host Yves Engler

August 18 webinar: Latin America’s Struggle: Opposing US Intervention, Neoliberalism & the Far-Right Hosted by Labour Friends of Progressive Latin America


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