Building a Movement to Confront Militarism

Join the Conference on US Militarism! Please read the details below, and consider joining us. Register online now!

Conference: Building a Movement to Confront US Militarism and the Militarization of Relations with Latin America
Sponsored by:
The Latin America Solidarity Coalition
When: Thursday, November 18, 2010 1:00-7:30pm
Where: Quality Inn, 1325 Veterans Pkwy, Columbus, GA, US, 31901
Registration: $10-$25 no one turned away Register online now!

Who Should Participate?
Are you a local, regional or national activist/organizer? Do you work on issues of Latin America solidarity, anti-war, social justice, or labor rights? Then you should participate!

Scope of the Conference:
This is an action conference, not an information conference. There will be many informational workshops during the SOA Watch vigil Nov. 19-21.This conference is for the purpose of building a US movement to oppose US militarism and militarization of relations with Latin America and the Caribbean. Without regard to our varying analysis of non-violence, we are united in our opposition to the use of the US military to enforce the neoliberal capitalist model and to extend US political hegemony in the hemisphere. The focus of the organizers’ conference will be to develop strategies and campaigns to oppose and de-fund offensive US military capabilities, basing troops outside the borders of the US, and the militarization of relations with the sovereign countries of our hemisphere through military aid and training and Trojan Horse campaigns such as the so-called War on Drugs and immigration policy. While we recognize that all issues are interrelated, the focus of this conference will be on strategies and tactics to address the military aspects of the issues. We recognize that we are embarking on a multi-generational campaign to change the very culture and ethical system of the United States. The work of this conference will lead into an even more extensive LASC conference April 8-10 in Washington, DC.

Opening Plenary
Panel to frame issues & explanation of the conference process
2:30-4:00pm Small Group Break-out on Issues/Tactics/Campaigns

1. Bases, the Fourth Fleet and training and military aid
2. Border militarization and immigration
3. Coups and Occupations
4. “Drug War”
5. Domestic costs of militarism and war profiteering
6. Corporate media and the promotion of the US culture of militarism

4:00-4:15pm Break (another 15 break will follow the second session)
4:15-5:45pm Small Group Break-out on Sectors to Enlist in the Movement

1. Academia
2. Organized religion
3. Cultural workers (Artists, musicians, actors, etc.)
4. Labor
5. Students and youth
6. Women
7. Veterans
6-7:30pm Report-backs, discussion and tasking to move the work forward

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