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NicaNotes is a blog for Nicaragua activists and those interested in Nicaragua, published by the Nicaragua Network/Alliance for Global Justice. You can read more about the history of the blog on the About page.

NicaNotes: Guest Blog: Nicaragua’s Crisis – the Latest Stage in a Permanent War

Guest Blog By Tortilla con Sal is an independent news and information source funded by its writers and their supporters. We receive no financial support from any political organization. We are committed to producing information in solidarity with the global impoverished majority from an anti-imperialist point of view. On Nicaragua, we identify with the…

NicaNotes: The Peace Corps and Nicaragua

By John Kotula One aspect of the current situation in Nicaragua that hasn’t been discussed much is the evacuation of more than 160 Peace Corps volunteers. (Jesuit volunteers and Canadian volunteers have also been pulled out of the country.) Compared with the deaths of dozens of mostly young Nicaraguans, this exit of foreign service providers may seem relatively unimportant. However, it…

Nicanotes: Internationalists, What Exactly are We Supporting?

By Chuck Kaufman As the whole bewildering situation in Nicaragua has unfolded since April 18, I have been struck repeatedly by the reaction of internationalists who ignore or discount the gains accomplished by the Sandinista Revolution since Daniel Ortega was returned to the presidency in 2007 through democratic elections. Why, I ask myself, do so…