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NicaNotes is a blog for Nicaragua activists and those interested in Nicaragua, published by the Nicaragua Network/Alliance for Global Justice. You can read more about the history of the blog on the About page.

NicaNotes: Nicaragua’s Failed Coup

Nicaragua’s failed coup By Charles Redvers For three months Daniel Ortega and his government in Nicaragua were under intense pressure to resign – from protesters and opposition groups, from local media and from right-wing politicians in the US. But by mid-July it became clear that, despite persistent images of near-collapse painted by the international press,…

NicaNotes: Chomsky on Regime Change in Nicaragua

Chomsky on Regime Change in Nicaragua by ROGER HARRIS Originally published by Counterpunch on August 3, 2018 Photo by hobvias sudoneighm | CC BY 2.0 With patented angst, Noam Chomsky opined on President Daniel Ortega’s Nicaragua to an agreeing Amy Goodman: “But there’s been a lot of corruption, a lot of repression. It’s autocratic, undoubtedly.” Earlier in their DemocracyNow!…

The Case Against Daniel Ortega

By Chuck Kaufman The Nicaragua Network/Alliance for Global Justice and I have recently been called Orteguistas (Ortega supporters). We used to be called Danielistas before it became necessary to the narrative to demonize him completely by denying him the practice in some parts of Latin America of calling those you respect, like Fidel and Che,…