Nicaragua Will NOT Have The Next Coup

The following is Nicaragua Network/Alliance for Global Justice’s response to the attention the possibility of a Nicaraguan coup has received in the media today. Nicaragua Will Not Be Next By Chuck Kaufman National Co-Coordinator Nicaragua Network/Alliance for Global Justice While the facts in the Prensa Latina article, “After Honduras, Nicaragua?” on April 22, 2010, and…

Nicaragua News Bulletin (February 23, 2010)

1. Special Committee of National Assembly hears from candidates for expiring posts 2. Senators visit; Nicaraguan-US Relations appear friendly 3. Julio Aviles takes command of Nicaraguan Army 4. Government releases plan to address drought 5. Europeans to observe Atlantic Coast elections on March 7 6. Ministry of Education distributes food for daily meals for one…

Colonists Threaten Indigenous Population

Ask the Nicaraguan government to protect indigenous communities and complete demarcation and titling of indigenous land. Follow the steps below to act now! Despite, or perhaps because of, the Nicaraguan government’s progress in titling and demarcating indigenous land, tensions have risen between settler and indigenous communities, reaching the point of violence. In the South Atlantic…

Nicaragua News Bulletin

1. National Assembly forms committee to nominate officials 2. Nicaragua sends assistance to Haiti; worries mount about earthquake in Nicaragua 3. Ortega government has distributed over 55,000 property titles 4. US$77 million obtained for Polaris geothermal project 5. Talks begin on free trade agreement among ALBA countries 6. Artisans improve their quality of life 7.…

Nicaragua News Bulletin

1. Ortega issues decree allowing government officials to continue in office 2. US intelligence document calls Aleman an obstacle to a united opposition 3. Battle between ENACAL and unions continues 4. Government says there is enough food in spite of El Niño 5. In one town 13% of examined workers have kidney disease; Managua encampment…

Nicaragua News Bulletin

1. Severe drought affects Madriz and Nueva Segovia 2. 2009 – A good year in the Mining Triangle 3. Leon and Chinandega close out the year working on reforestation 4. Liberal Parties negotiate appointments to Supreme Electoral Council 5. Supreme Court ends year with cases pending

Nicaragua Network Hotline

1. Tax reform and budget bills before National Assembly 2. Conservative forces in European Parliament pass resolution condemning Nicaragua 3. Ortega says OAS Democratic Charter is dead after Honduran elections 4. Hotel in Solentiname taken from Ernesto Cardenal’s group 5. Free Trade Zones report 6. Grant Gallup dies

Nicaragua Network Hotline (October 6, 2009)

1. Committee approves bill to benefit micro-finance debtors 3. Yota wins telephone contract 3. Bishop Mata mediates another attempt at Liberal unity 4. Civil society groups call for tax reform 5. Government finances businesses and employment in San Juan de Limay 6. Two children die of hemorrhagic dengue as toll reaches eight

Nicaragua Network Hotline (September 29, 2009)

1. “No Pay” Movement blamed for Nicaraguan credit crisis 2. Honduran coup freezes Central American trade; Halleslevens says no troop movements 3. Nicaragua-US diplomatic and military relations move forward 4. Awas Tigni leaders clarify land sale accusation 5. Construction of 1,450 “Houses for the People” advances 6. Meeting in Matagalpa on legalization of therapeutic abortion

Nicaragua Network Hotline (September 22, 2009)

1. Ortega criticizes Bishop Albelardo Mata for intervening in politics 2. NDI trains young political leaders; FSLN absent 3. IMF announces a “preliminary accord” with Nicaragua; budget and tax reform talks continue 4. United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food says he was misquoted 5. Ortega: “We have no more problems with the…