Conference Call on Occupy National Gathering

Join us this Thursday to learn more about the Occupy Solidarity Social Forum!

Thursday 1/26/12 – 7PM EST / 6PM CST / 5PM MST /4PM PST

WHO SHOULD JOIN: Those interested in attending and learning how to support the Occupy Solidarity Social Forum in Olympia on February 18-19. Those that want to put on workshops or organize panels and discussions at the conference.

PURPOSE: To welcome more people and share information about the national conference in Olympia. We would also like to discuss the logistics of getting to the events and the workshops that will be held. (See agenda below.)

Occupy Solidarity Social Forum

Occupy Olympia (WA) and the Alliance for Global Justice are hosting an Occupy Solidarity Social Forum Feb. 18-19 in the Washington state capital city. The self-organized, social forum-type gathering is open to all occupiers and allies.

The networking meeting is being called in recognition that the movement will gain strength if we help open space for sharing, discussion and development. It is also agreed that the sooner we create that space the better for the movement and that a quick first effort will champion strong gains and garner authentic self organization. Together, Occupy Olympia and the Alliance for Global Justice will create the space for a wide diversity of occupy movement members to bring their knowledge and skills to the table to share in authentic ways with each other for the goal of growing the strength of the movement. We hope to see you there!


1. Description of and update on the national Occupy Solidarity Social Forum
2. Update on the “Occupy Express” Amtrak train to Olympia
3. Discussion of what workshops, forums, GAs, etc. participants would like
4. Discussion of committees and other tasks