NicaNotes: Government responds to IACHR’s one-sided final report

Government responds to IACHR’s one-sided final report

This week we give space to the government of Nicaragua to respond to unbalanced and politically biased reporting on the human rights situation arising from the failed coup efforts of the past four months. To read the statement in its original Spanish CLICK HERE




On May 13, acting in good faith, our Government of Reconciliation and National Unity extended an invitation to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to conduct a working visit to Nicaragua, so that they could observe the human rights situation in situ, in the context of the events of the coup attempt.

This visit was made from May 17th to 21st, 2018. Our Government provided the facilities to the Commission to carry out their work freely. We provided the information they requested and ensured meetings with the authorities, and attended to all their requests.

On May 21, the IACHR issued a report with preliminary observations and recommendations, based on audiovisual information and testimonies edited and manipulated by the authors and executors of the attempted coup, giving full credibility to them, without allowing the Nicaraguan Government the possibility to contest such unfounded assertions.

Despite the frankness and openness with which our Government assisted the IACHR and the abundant evidence and information provided, which proved the violent nature of terrorist actions by the coup groups such as hate crimes, torture, killings, murders, destruction and burning of offices and public institutions, these crimes were not reflected in the report, which in and of itself, shows their bias.

The IACHR manipulated the information, converting an attempted coup into an alleged peaceful protest, deliberately omitting that the murdered persons are mostly police officers, State officials, Sandinista militants and civilians unrelated to the conflict, whose causes of death were from injuries with firearms caused by the coup plotters.

The preliminary report repeated and spread the lies of the authors, actors and executors of the Coup d’état attempt. This contributed to the massive use of platforms and social networks for the media and psychological manipulation that incited violence, all for the sole purpose of justifying the illegal acts and crimes aimed at breaking the constitutional order with the international community.

The IACHR deliberately omits the truth that does not suit the interests of those from abroad who sponsor actions aimed at overthrowing the constitutional government of Nicaragua.

In spite of this, our Government, expressing its vocation for peace and acting in good faith, accepted and initiated the implementation of the recommendations of the IACHR and responded to the requests of the so-called representatives of the civil society of the opposition and the Episcopal Conference, in the framework of the National Dialogue Table. One request was to take the National Police off the streets and we did that. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the General Secretariat of the OAS and the European Union were invited; the integration of the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts was agreed on to help and support the investigations initiated by the State of Nicaragua. At the same time, the coup groups hardened their actions with more roadblocks, murders, kidnappings, torture with cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment; hate crimes and burning of private and public buildings and vehicles.

The same happened with the Final Report that the IACHR presented before the Permanent Council of the OAS. Our Government informed and documented the IACHR in a timely manner about each act of violence committed by the coup leaders. The IACHR was obliged to make some reference to the opposition violence in response to the complaints of our Government.

The IACHR in its reports has used incomplete and biased criteria, intentionally avoiding expressing opinions and conclusions when dealing with acts of violence and crimes executed by “peaceful” protesters.

An example of the above is that during the existence of the roadblocks, terrorist acts were committed: People were burned alive; government supporters were humiliated and tortured; hundreds of Central American transporters were held hostage; and the civilian population was unable to leave their homes freely and work.

On these crimes, there was no pronouncement from the IACHR condemning them, denouncing them or expressing concern despite the fact that they had verified it personally in situ; seeking to legitimize these types of illegal acts.

The reports and communications from the IACHR on Nicaragua are questionable in themselves, because of their political bias and work methodology, which lacks all scientific rigor. One of their most notorious failures being the lack of verification of the information received and the irresponsible use of sources with no credibility.

The actions of the IACHR, in conjunction with the Government of the United States and other countries, promote interventionist political maneuvers, attempting to destabilize and isolate Nicaragua internationally in order to overthrow its Constitutional Government.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights distorts and delegitimizes its activity and that of its officials by assuming political positions, in open contravention of the OAS Charter, the Regulations and the Statute of the IACHR itself.

The people of Nicaragua demand the IACHR stop their participation in the political and media campaign of lies, misrepresentation, qualification and stigmatization against the Government of Reconciliation and National Unity. (Aug. 18)


By Nan McCurdy

August 22nd, 2018

Home of Sandinistas is burned in a community of Mulukuku, RACN

In the early morning hours of August 20 in the community Pueblo Nuevo Sislao, 40 km northeast of Mulukuku, part of the North Caribbean Autonomous Region, a heavily armed group burned down the home of Sandinista leaders. The family was able to flee, according to Rodolfo Alvarado. (Radio La Primerisima, Aug. 20)

Cruise ship “Crystal Symphony” arrives in San Juan del Sur

More than 800 tourists, mainly from the United States, arrived Saturday on the first Cruise Ship to dock here in three months. The tourists were received by Nicaraguans sharing their traditional folklore dances. After a special welcome from the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism, they went by bus to different municipalities to enjoy the views, the food and the culture. This is a good sign for tourism in Nicaragua. See photos: La Primerisima, Aug. 18)

Tourism businesses ask foreign government to lift travel alerts

Nicaragua’s small and medium tourism businesses issued a call for foreign governments to lift travel alerts that they may have issued advising their citizens to avoid travel to Nicaragua. The statement said that “Based on the fact that security and peaceful daily life are being restored in our country, we, the businesses and investors in the tourism sector urge the elimination of the travel alerts.” (Informe Pastran, Aug. 16)

Exports increase in Nicaragua

In the first semester of 2018 exports showed a 0.3% increase over the same period in 2017, passing from US$3.35 billion to US$3.45 billion.  (Channel 2, Aug. 20)

Nicaraguans continue demanding justice for victims of terrorism

This Saturday thousands of people walked to demand justice and reparations for all the 198 dead, victims of terrorism as well as for those tortured and humiliated and for those whose homes, businesses or vehicles were destroyed and burned.  Nicaraguans have come out every weekend by the thousands for over a month all over the nation. See photos: (El 19 Digital, La Voz del Sandinismo, Aug. 18)

Attacks on public water wells in Managua by protesters investigated

On August 15 near the end of Civic Alliance opposition march, armed protesters attacked public water wells of ENACAL, the National Water Company, located near the La Virgin traffic circle. The police report states that a group of people who participated in the march attacked the wells with firearms and mortars threatening the lives of the security guards and the well-being of the families in the community. Protestors demanded release of all those detained for violent acts during the recent coup attempt as well as a resumption of the national dialogue moderated by the Catholic Bishops Conference. (Radio La Primerisima, Aug. 15; Informe Pastran, Aug. 15.

Citizen initiative demands the laws be applied to the coup terrorists

On August 17 citizens all over the country began collecting signatures to demand the Supreme Court apply the full force of the law to those captured involved in terrorist actions during the failed coup attempt. The title of the initiative is: They should pay for their crimes. This is another action demanding justice and reparations for the victims of terrorist crimes. See photos from different parts of the country:–chontales recolectara-firmas-haga-justicia-afectados-terrorismo/  (Channel 2, Channel 8, Radio Ya, Aug. 17)

Parliamentary group backs Nicaragua against foreign interference

The Left Parliamentary Group (GPI) of the Central American Parliament (PARLACEN) issued a declaration on August 16 in Guatemala in which it reaffirms support for the Government of Reconciliation of Nicaragua and its just position rejecting foreign interference in its internal affairs. PARLACEN is the legislative arm of the System of Central American Integration (SICA), and part of its mission is to contribute to strengthening community and international rights, making clear that interference in the affairs of a country or group of countries is disrespectful of international rights. (Radio Ya, Aug. 17)

More than 4,000 women will receive loans in the next phase of Zero Usury

The Micro-Credit Program Zero Usury, begun in 2007, will begin a new phase with more than 4,000 women around the country. The women will strengthen their small businesses with new credit. Their businesses were negatively affected by the coup. Since 2007 many of the women had had two to twelve rounds of credit and then left the program because their businesses were strong. With the coup attempt, they have had problems and need to receive loans again.  (Channel 2, Aug. 17)

20 Costa Ricans arrested for xenophobic aggression against Nicaraguans.

A number of Nicaraguans, some of whom are escaped delinquents, responsible for crimes of murder, torture and robbery in Nicaragua, spend a lot of their time in “La Merced Park in San Jose, Costa Rica.  Many Costa Ricans are not in agreement with their presence and have been protesting and calling for authorities to close the border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The Costa Rican authorities have categorized the behavior of some as inciting hate and violence and arrested twenty people for their violent acts against the Nicaraguans (CNN later said 44). The police defused eight Molotov cocktails, a number of knives and bats. [In Costa Rica, with a population of about 5 million, there were already well over half a million Nicaraguans living and working. Many Nicaraguans were born in Costa Rica during the 70s and 80s and maintain dual citizenship, going back and forth with frequency.  Racism against Nicaraguans has been rampant for many years.]  (El Nuevo Diario, Aug. 17)

Initial hearing for Medardo Mairena in Managua

The Initial court hearing before Judge Henry Morales began against Medardo Mairena Sequeira, Pedro Joaquín Mena and Silvio Saúl Pineda Bonilla who are accused of various crimes committed against the State of Nicaragua. The Public Prosecutor’s Office accuses them of organized crime, kidnapping, aggravated robbery, obstruction of public services, injuries and damages against individuals and the Nicaraguan State. Mairena is also accused of planning and guiding the massacre of four National Police agents and a school teacher in the municipality of Morrito, Rio San Juan, on July 12. (Channel 8, Aug. 15)