No US or foreign interference in Ecuador’s election this Sunday! No cancelation!

We have only a matter of hours to contact the appropriate institutions and demand:


Ecuador’s outgoing President Lenin Moreno has traveled to Washington DC to meet with officials from the White House, the International Monetary Fund, and the Organization of American States as the Ecuadorian people prepare for national elections on Sunday. Polls indicate that Leftist presidential candidate Andrés Arauz is widely expected to win; but former President Rafael Correa has alerted the country and the world to credible speculations that Moreno is in the United States to discuss canceling the elections. Meanwhile, international organizations including the OAS are in Ecuador acting as observers. In the same capacity, the OAS led the race to denounce the election of Evo Morales in 2019, justifying a right-wing coup. It has since been shown conclusively that that vote was not fraudulent.  Currently, the OAS is under investigation for its role in the coup. Fortunately, after months of chaos and brutal repression, Bolivia’s popular forces regained power. We must not allow these same institutions of interference to do to Ecuador what they tried to do to Bolivia.

More background:

Ecuador is a frontline of struggle against the U.S. Empire’s goal for hegemony throughout Latin America. Lenin Moreno was elected on a progressive platform but betrayed his backers from the moment he took office. He quickly revealed that his true political bosses were not the people, but transnational corporations and the US government. He reversed the expulsion of the US military as well as the ban against institutions like the National Endowment for Democracy that exist to manipulate and influence foreign elections. Lenin Moreno has been an avid supporter of US interventions against popular governments in Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, and Nicaragua. At home, he greatly slashed social spending and workers’ rights and unleashed brutal repression against mass movements and political opposition. While Lenin Moreno is not up for reelection, the conservative political forces allied behind him are facing overwhelming defeat at the polls this Sunday.

Conversely, Andrés Arauz has committed to reverse Lenin Moreno’s most damaging policies. He is a socialist who will build alliances with Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Nicaragua. Rather than bowing to the direction of Washington, DC and Wall Street, he promises to defend Ecuador’s sovereignty and to orient the government towards social investment and away from the austerity demanded by the International Monetary Fund and the interests of global capitalism.