Protest & Petition Delivery at the U.S. Mission to the UN in NYC: Defend Venezuela’s Sovereignty!

Endorsed by Alliance for Global Justice, Chicago ALBA Solidarity, International Action Center, Workers World Party, La Peña del Bronx, El Maestro – Bronx, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Ike Nahem, Cuba Si Coalition, Bayan Northeast, Bronx Boricua Resistance, NYU Students For Palestine, Haití Liberté, Iglesia de Santa Cruz – Holyrood, NYC Ministerio de Solidaridad con los Pueblos, Codepink, Task Force on the Americas, Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice – Canada, DSA International Committee, Minnesota Anti-War Committee

Alliance for Global Justice and Venezuela Solidarity Network will host a demonstration on Monday, June 24 at 4 pm EST in front of the U.S. Mission to the United Nations in New York City to deliver a petition signed by hundreds of organizations and individuals demanding respect for Venezuela’s sovereignty and the international protection of President Nicolás Maduro under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes Against Internationally Protected Persons.

 Read our petition & SIGN ON: 


Join organizations across North America in a Day of Action for Venezuelan Sovereignty!

Venezuela Solidarity Network is calling on all supporters of Venezuelan sovereignty to join a day of actions across North America on June 24th!

  • Hands Off Venezuela!
  • Sanctions Kill!
  • End Sanctions On Venezuela!

That day VSN will deliver a letter to the United Nations signed by hundreds of organizations and individuals demanding respect for Venezuelan sovereignty! The letter also calls for an end to the assassination attempts on the democratically elected president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, whose life has been threatened by several U.S. assassination attempts this year alone!

Why June 24th?

It was on June 24th, 1821 in the immortal field of Carabobo, Venezuela that the Republican army – under the command of Simón Bolívar, The Liberator – masterfully defeated the Spanish troops and consolidated the independence of Venezuela! 203 years later we continue in his tradition, fighting for our definitive independence from modern empires!

Join us from wherever you are with some kind of activity in solidarity using the slogans and demands above. Protests and highway bannerings are amazing, but social media posts with the hashtags #HandsOffVenezuela #SanctionsKill #EndSanctionsOnVenezuela show solidarity too!

Tag @All4GlobalJust and @VenezuelaSolidarityNetwork on social media for support publicizing your demonstration and email [email protected] to get your demonstration broadcasted on Venezuelan media.

If you carry out any activity, we will ensure that they are advertised in Venezuela, either on VTV or on any other channel in the state!

Join Venezuela Solidarity Network! Advocate for justice and sovereignty! 

You or your organization can join the VSN here:

In the face of brutal unilateral sanctions imposed by the United States, it’s crucial to stand in solidarity with the Venezuelan people and demand an end to unjust policies. 

By joining our network, you’ll stay informed about our advocacy efforts aimed at ending sanctions and opposing foreign interference in Venezuela’s affairs. Together, let’s raise our voices for justice, sovereignty, and a peaceful future for all Venezuelans!

Member Organizations:

  • Alliance for Global Justice
  • Codepink
  • Task Force on the Americas
  • Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice – Canada
  • DSA International Committee
  • Sanctions Kill Campaign
  • Minnesota Anti-War Committee
  • Chicago ALBA Solidarity