Support the Save Oak Flat Act now!

In January, AfGJ reported on the threat to Apache sacred land Oak Flat in Arizona, land that has been traded to international corporations and their attempted project Resolution Copper, the largest-projected copper mine in the U.S.

These companies, Rio Tinto and BHP, have been deceitful to indigenous peoples throughout the world, doling out empty promises from country to country while leaving public health crises, cultural plunder and environmental destitution in their wake. We can’t let this happen to Oak Flat.



1. Make your Voice Heard on Resolution Copper: Submit a Comment to The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Today

Submit a comment today; the public comment period ends on February 26th.

Last week, a federal judge denied blocking Resolution Copper from moving forward, despite acknowledgment that the mine would, “close off a portal to the Creator forever and will completely devastate the Western Apaches’ lifeblood”. This ruling will allow the transfer of land to Rio Tinto and BHP on March 11th, but the larger lawsuit to prevent the mining operation is still in motion.

The Secretary of Agriculture awaits final comments from The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation before reaching a decision on moving forward with Resolution Copper. Make your voice count. The Advisory Council needs to hear how important this is to the general population—that we won’t let this project slide by unnoticed.


2. Urge Your Members of Congress to Co-Sponsor the Save Oak Flat Act, to be Reintroduced in the House and Senate

Senator Bernie Sanders and Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva co-sponsored the Save Oak Flat Act last year and will reintroduce the legislation to the House and Senate in 2021. Urge your congressional leaders to protect Oak Flat – this simple tool from the Center for Biological Diversity makes it easy to do.


Read our statement in solidarity with the Apache defense of Oak Flat here.

For more information on how to help save Oak Flat, visit the Apache Stronghold website here