TODAY! Workers’ Summit of the Americas 2022 (Day 1)


The Workers’ Summit of the Americas is a workers’ conference that calls for the programmatic unity of the working class and social movements to create a permanent forum for solidarity and the linking of anti-imperialist, anti-colonial and anti-patriarchal struggles in the American continent.

The Summit will be held in Tijuana, Mexico to counteract the Summit of the Americas organized by the U.S. Department of State in Los Angeles, California, in which the nations besieged by the US (Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, & others) were not allowed to participate.

Our strategic objective is to combat the violence applied to our people most particularly by U.S. and Canadian imperialism. We witness a process of recolonization of our peoples, expressed in the disproportionate growth of racism, poverty, unemployment and job insecurity, the environmental deterioration of the territories, gender and cultural violence, and the criminalization of migration.

Day 1 program

Day 1 – en Espanol