Venezuela & ALBA Weekly 7.17.2020: Nicaragua’s July 19 anniversary; Biden with Trump on Venezuela; Cuban solidarity ““We will always be where we most honor the country”

NicaNotes: The Revolution Won’t Be Stopped: Nicaragua Advances Despite US Unconventional Warfare New online book contents:

Economic and Social Progress Continues

The Amnesty

Peace and Reconciliation in Nicaragua

Uniting a Country and its People: 32 Years of Autonomy on Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast

The Natural Environment – Conservation, National Development and Climate Change

Nicaraguan Women Take their Rightful Place

Nicaragua’s Popular Economy: The Face of Five Centuries of People’s Resistance

Tourism in Nicaragua: Breaking with the Defunct Idea of Development

Polls Show Sandinista Popularity Undiminished

Nicaragua Persists Despite Continued US Efforts to Destroy It

The Complicit Role of Human Rights Orgs in the 2018 Attempted Coup In Nicaragua

Nicaragua And The Media In 2019: A Polarized Picture

The Nicaraguan Opposition

Nicaragua Puts People First In Pandemic Response

WTF is Going on In Latin America: Nicaragua – 41 years after the 1979 Sandinista Revolution Dr. Paul Oquist, Minister Advisor to the President for Public Policy and Mr. Valdrack Jaentschke, Minister Advisor for International Affairs and the Greater Caribbean.  Live from Managua in celebration of the 41st anniversary of the Sandinista.

The Grayzone (Leonardo Flores): Biden’s vision for Venezuela is Virtually Indistinguishable from Trump’s

When it comes to Venezuela, policies of regime change, sanctions, and refusal to engage in dialogue, Biden and Trump are two sides of the same coin.There are only two policy differences.. One is about Temporary Protected Status, which is an immigration policy that allows people from 10 specific countries affected by disasters to live and work in the U.S. Biden supports TPS for Venezuelans, while Trump allies have blocked it in the Senate.

The other difference is the border wall, which is now being built in part using Venezuelan funds. The Trump administration has diverted $601 million in assets stolen from the Venezuelan people to build the wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.Biden’s surrogates warn that Venezuela is a national security issue for the U.S., that the country has been infiltrated by terrorist groups and everything must be done to end Russian, Chinese, and Cuban influence. They responded to a question about the impact of sanctions by blaming the “humanitarian crisis” on Chavismo. They say Biden will not negotiate with Maduro.

Green Left Weekly:How Venezuela did so well on COVID-19 Video interview with Fred Fuentes.

RT: Paralysed Companies Rescued by an ‘Army’ of Volunteer Workers The Productive Workers’ Army (EPO) is a grassroots movement composed of Venezuelan workers which came together in 2014. They dedicate their volunteer labour to rescuing various companies which have been paralysed because of the economic situation which the country is going through, the shortages of spare parts and supplies due to the US blockade, and the various kinds of political destabilisation.The movement, with 2,270 members spread across the country, defines itself as “an unconventional army to win an unconventional war.” So far, 14 large companies have been reactivated this way, including flour plants, packaging plants and gas companies.

Venezuelanalysis: Venezuela’s oil production plummets to 75 year low amid crushing US sanctions Venezuela’s production was 393,000 barrels per day (bpd) in June, down from 573,000 bpd in May and down 52% from an average of 821,000 bpd in the first quarter of the year. That was the lowest monthly total since February 1943, when Venezuela’s nascent oil industry produced 353,000 bpd.

The drop in exports to a 77-year low of 379,000 bpd in June, spurred by escalating U.S. sanctions designed to oust socialist President Nicolas Maduro, has left onshore storage tanks almost completely full, forcing PDVSA to cut output because it would have nowhere to store crude.

Dissident Voice: WOLA’s David Smilde Advocates a more Efficient Regime Change Strategy against Venezuela The purpose of Smilde’s article is to advise Biden that Trump’s strategy against Venezuela is counterproductive, that the US needs a better regime change policy. We fact check Smilde’s three major criticisms of the Venezuelan government. WOLA is not a human rights organization, but serves to rationalize, not criticize, US regime change attempts.


Granma: Trump takes hostility toward Cuba to new heights For Cuba, Trump implemented an interventionist, criminal script of maximum intensity, linked to his anti-Venezuela strategy and neoliberal restoration on the continent. July 3, in an election speech in which Trump labeled as “new fascists” those protesting and questioning racism, he proclaimed, “We will tell the truth as it is, without apology: The United States of America is the most just and exceptional country that has ever existed on Earth.” Subversion to an extreme degree has reached the U.S. election campaign itself and this speech confirms it. No critic of the tycoon escapes his insults, as has become standard practice since the previous campaign. In this latest tirade, he launched attacks on everyone: schools, teachers, students, journalists, publishers, newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations, businesses and entrepreneurs, human rights activists, organizations opposing racial discrimination, who he included in the catch-all category of new left wing fascism that “wants to overthrow the American Revolution.”

“We will always be where we most honor the country” A Conversation with Cuban President and the Returning Medical Brigades From Antigua and Barbuda, nurse Aldo Moreira López, reported that he always knew, “I was not in the wrong place: I was where I had to be… We will always be where we most honor the country.” Diaz-Canel: “Admiration, affection, and profound gratitude is what we have come to bring you,” he said, “and that is what our people have given you, ever since you arrived in Cuba and the people of Havana came out to applaud you, though it was night and raining heavily.”

Newsweek: Amazon fined $134,523 for selling to individuals in  Cuba, Iran, Sudan, North Korea, including those in their embassies The extreme petty vindictiveness of the sanctions: The company is also said to have sold to people located in or employed by embassies of other sanctioned countries including Cuba, North Korea, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Venezuela.

US Occupied Cuba
Common Dreams: ‘Give Me Freedom or Give Me Death’: 13 Years Without Trial at Guantanamo, My Hunger Strike Is All I Have Left I am prepared to die, if it comes to it. I look ahead, and all I see is suffering. But what is the point of good health in life, if I cannot be home? My daughter was three months old when I last saw her. She is now thirteen, growing up without a father in a refugee camp.”Give me freedom or give me death.” This principle is very important to me. I don’t want to just sit patiently in my cell until I die here. I do not want to die here at all, but I have to do something. Asadullah Haroon is an Afghan citizen detained at the offshore U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba without charge or trial since 2007.


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