Venezuela & ALBA Weekly 3.19.2021: Biden Continues Trump Policies; Bolivia Jails Añes; Prashad on Hybrid War

Vijay Prashad at Peoples Forum: Hybrid Wars and US Imperialism


Jimmy Dore: Biden Same As Trump In Overthrowing Oil Rich Venezuela

Orinoco Tribune: Communes Gain Ground in Venezuela

Dan Kovalik: Disparate nations come together to defend the UN Charter and rein in US aggression across the world A bloc of nations calling themselves “Group of Friends in Defense of the Charter of the United Nations” (hereinafter, “the Group”) has united to try to revitalize the anti-war essence of the UN Charter. This group, representing a huge portion of the world’s population, includes Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Algeria, Angola, Belarus, Bolivia, Cambodia, Cuba, Eritrea, Laos, Nicaragua, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Syria, Venezuela and the Palestinians.

Press TV: Syria and Venezuela Sanctions

Ultima Noticias: Government reaches the milestone of 3.500.000 of the Great Venezuela Housing Mission

Venezuelanalysis: Venezuela Assigns Land for Food Production on CLAP’s Fifth Anniversary


Internationalist360: United States Maneuvers in Latin America against Cuban Doctors and Russian Sputnik V Vaccine

Cuba Working on a People’s Vaccine: the US and the world should get behind it

I witnessed  how the Cuban government swiftly mobilized resources to protect its citizens from Covid-19: at-home testing for anyone with symptoms, door to door preventative education in the most vulnerable neighborhoods, and coordinated isolation when necessary.

Dr. Fauci mentioned the Russian and the Chinese vaccines  and later suggested that the U.S. should help other countries strengthen their vaccine manufacturing capacity to promote more vaccinations globally. At no point did he mention Cuba.



MintPress News: Human Rights Watch Condemns Amnesty for Political Prisoners Jailed under Coup Government

Peoples Dispatch: Bolivian judge orders 4 months of preventive detention for coup leader Jeanine Áñez

Orinoco Tribune: OAS’ Almagro Defends Coup Makers in Bolivia: Declares Court Case against them ‘Political Persecution’


Democracy Now: U.S. Lawyer Steven Donziger Speaks from House Arrest in NYC After Suing Chevron for Amazon Oil Spills


Recent and Upcoming Webinars

Webinar video: Feminist Solidarity! Celebrating International Women’s Day and the Advancement of Cuban Women

Video of Code Pink webinar: Venezuelan Communes: A people’s response to the illegal US sanctions with Angel Prado

video of webinar US Exceptionalism: Its Story in Nicaragua and Beyond

March 22: Latin American farm workers from ATC, CLOC, and La Via Campesina who will share their experiences from El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua

April 2: Runoff Election in Ecuador: The Fight for Democracy

April 7: Sanctions Kill – Nicaragua in the era of US Sanctions with Nicaragua ambassador to UN Jaime Herida Castillo

April 13: Venezuela-US Relations, with Carlos Ron, Maria Paez Victor

April 19: Bolivia – People Power, Hope & Solidarity Ollie Vargas, Jeremy Corbyn, Miriam Colque (Bolivian activist in London), Alex Main


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