A President Behind Bars. Racism, Classism, &  the Violation of Human Rights in Peru

Peru has lived in uncertainty since the imprisonment of President Pedro Castillo since last December 7, 2022.

Since his imprisonment, thousands of people have taken to the streets of Peru to demand the freedom of the president, and the restoration of democracy, and one constitutes, the repression has been brutal, with an indeterminate number of people murdered, thousands of people arrested by the forces of public order, mostly indigenous people

A total of 101 congressmen voted in favor of a vacancy motion for President Pedro Castillo, with only 6 votes against and 11 abstentions. Converting the first to the vice president Dina Boluarte, in president of the republic through a parliamentary coup. Meanwhile, the de facto government authorizes the creation of a North American military base on Peruvian soil and makes contracts of all kinds with North American mining corporations.

This Thursday, July 20, at 4 pm PT / 6 pm CT/ 7pm ET
Camilo Perez-Bustillos: National Lawyer Guild San Francisco
Guido Craxatto: Lawyer for President Pedro Castillo
Vanessa Ramos: President of the Association of American Jurists

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