AFGJ Venezuela and ALBA Weekly: Bolivarian Gains Made in 2017 in Spite of US Economic War

Jan 5th, 2018

This weekly email contains a few useful articles on Venezuela and ALBA Countries that contain bite-sized dose of the truth so that you can fight the disinformation in your own community, that so much of the media, including alternative media are putting out.

It is AfGJ’s conviction that we in the US defend Venezuela’s sovereignty and recognize that the Bolivarian Revolution has improved the lives of its citizens, led the movement toward Latin America integration, and is building participatory democracy structures that are an example for us in the US as well. -AfGJ staff

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Featured Articles

Pasqualina Curcio “The Visible Hand of the Market: Economic Warfare in Venezuela”

Interview with Pasqualina Curcio about her book “The Visible Hand of the Market: Economic Warfare in Venezuela”

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The News, This Week

Cuba’s Infant Mortality Rate at its Lowest in Nation’s History

Cuba’s infant mortality rate hits a new low of 4.1 per 1000 live births. Meanwhile in the US, the richest country the world has ever known, the rate is 5.59. For an even better comparison with Cuba, the U.S. Virgin Islands rate is 6.38 and Puerto Rico is 7.14. If the U.S. had the same infant mortality rate as Cuba, an extra 6000 babies would be alive each year. Put the other way, 6000 American babies die each year because the U.S. has inferior medical care for expecting and delivering mothers than socialist Cuba.


Accomplishments of Eleven Years of the “Process of Change” in Evo Morales’ Bolivia

New York Times: Lamenting Venezuela’s ‘Humanitarian Crisis’ While Blocking Its Resolution

Foreign Ministry Statement: Venezuela Rejects Violent Protests in Iran and Demands Respect for Iranian Sovereignty

Venezuela Announces New Social Benefits to Benefit 8 Million Families

Ignacio Ramonet’s Full Analysis of 2017 in Venezuela

Allied Events

Stop the Nica Act – Send A Letter to Your Senator!

Peacemakers Delegation to Colombia with AfGJ, May 19-29