Venezuela & ALBA News 6.2.2023: South America Advances Towards New Stage of Unity in Diversity

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela

Peoples Dispatch: Nicolás Maduro makes historic trip to Brazil for South American Presidents’ Summit 
President Lula said, “I confronted fellow European social democrats, governments, and U.S. authorities for accepting that Juan Guaido was ‘Interim President’ of Venezuela. Maduro was elected by the people and to say otherwise is absurd. That’s how people who defend democracy think…“This is a historic moment. After eight years, President Nicolás Maduro is back to visiting Brazil and we have recovered our right to have a foreign policy with the seriousness we have always had, especially with the countries that border Brazil.”

Summary of President Maduro’s Speech at Meeting of Presidents of the Countries of South America in Brazil He stressed that this meeting constitutes an extraordinary opportunity for reunion. “I have breathed a renewed spirit of integration and I believe that it is the impulse that we must give to our paths.” On UNASUR ( Union of South American Nations)he said, “A valid architecture was built that has strength, it had strength until the time came when all that stopped and we have had a setback, without a doubt, there has been a setback.” He added that the Brics seem to become the magnet for the most powerful emerging group aiming for a change in world geopolitics. Maduro’s speech in Spanish only.

Ultima Noticias: China and Russia welcome Venezuela’s interest in joining the Brics Both China and Russia welcomed Venezuela’s expression of interest in joining the Brics (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). President Lula Da Silva  also did. The Brics currently represent more than 20% of the global gross domestic product and 42% of the world population.

Orinoco Tribune: Washington Authorizes Four Oil Corporations to Pay Taxes in Venezuela The US Department of Treasury authorized these corporations operating in Venezuela to pay taxes to the Venezuelan government, an order which is in contrast to the declarations of the US of not paying the government of President Nicolás Maduro or giving resources to it.


Cuba Biden Calls Cuba “Terrorist”  while the People demand an end to US Terrorism against Cuba
While Biden doubles down on Cuba’s designation as a so-called “State Sponsor of Terrorism,” the US people are calling for an end to US terrorism and sanctions against Cuba. The Biden administration officially designates Cuba as a “State Sponsor of Terrorism” – and Iran, Syria, and North Korea. Designating Cuba as “terrorist” exacerbates the already devastating impacts of the American blockade, which has stolen an estimated $144.4 billion from the Cuban economy from the early 1960s to 2020, according to the UN. On June 25th, we rally at the White House to demand Biden take Cuba off the list, lift all US sanctions, and end US terrorism against Cuba.

Washington Post: Next pandemic, let Cuba vaccinate the world Op Ed piece: More than three years on, it’s obvious that the world reacted poorly to the onset of the coronavirus, that lives were unnecessarily lost. But there is time now to prepare for the next pandemic, to set a course toward a more equitable distribution of medical technologies. The United States’ age-old embargo is hurting not just Cuba. It’s hurting the world.


Nicaragua Solidarity Coalition Newsletter: Important Nicaragua Hearing of the International People’s Tribunal: Saturday, June 3
One speaker is Alba Luz Ramos, President of the Supreme Court of Nicaragua in 1984, who played a part in the Nicaragua vs United States case in the International Court of Justice, won by Nicaragua in 1986, which the United States refused to respect.

NicaNotes: Defending Nicaragua During the 2018 Coup Attempt Accounts by Edwin Mendoza, a member of the July 19 Sandinista Youth. He has begun writing his story and of other young people about what happened during the 2018 US-backed coup attempt.


TeleSur: Evo Morales: Boric Embraces Trump’s Attacks on Venezuela
“We are very sorry for the actions of the brother president of Chile Gabriel Boric, who forgets Salvador Allende’s anti-imperialist vocation and repeats Donald Trump’s attacks against the Venezuelan people. The struggle for the Latin American sovereignty and dignity must be coherent and consistent,” Morales said.

Evo Morales Condemns Chile’s Support of Peru’s Coup Government Evo Morales criticized the Boric government just after Peruvian congress approved the entry of hundreds of US troops for training activities. “We are very concerned about the decision of the president of Chile, brother Gabriel Boric, to support the illegal and illegitimate government of Dina Boluarte for the pro tempore presidency of the Pacific Alliance just when the US military intervention in Peru has been authorized…It seems that the president of Chile has forgotten that Allende was a victim of CIA interventionism. The presence of the US Armed Forces in Peruvian territory corresponds to the interference plan of the Southern Command to usurp the natural resources of the region, especially lithium, gold and freshwater. The authorization of the entry of these troops is an attack against peace in Latin America.”


Thursdays: WTF is Going on in Latin America & The Caribbean with Teri Mattson (or watch here or here)
June 3: The Gains of the Peoples of Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast 

June 3: International Peoples Tribunal on Nicaragua 

June 17: Los Angeles Reportback from US Delegations to Cuba – May Day, Trade Unions and Solidarity Conferences

June 18: The ALBA-TCP:  First Fair Trade Agreement in the World & How the US Tried to Destroy It with Cuban Ambassador to Canada, Héctor Igarza Cabrera;  Carlos Ron, Venezuela’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for North America and President of the Simon Bolivar Institute for Peace and Solidarity Among People; and Nicaragua government official

June 22-25: National Rally and actions to Demand Cuba be taken off the US State Sponsors of Terrorism List


June 26-July 6: Pastors for Peace Climate Change tour to Cuba
July 3-10 Afro-Cubanismo Hothouse People to People delegation to Santiago de Cuba
Internship with Friends of the ATC, July 3 – July 29 “Agroecology & Revolution” 

July 12-21 (or July 17-21) Nicaragua Delegation for 44th Anniversary of the Revolution 
July 15-29 IFCO/ Pastors for Peace US-Cuba Friendshipment Caravan
July 21-30, Sept  8-17, December 1-10, Dec 8-17: Witness for Peace delegations to Cuba
August 1-13: Code Pink and Task Force on the Americas delegation to Venezuela
Fall/winter Witness for Peace delegations to Cuba


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