Alex Saab FREE!


The Venezuelan diplomat who had been kidnapped by the United States for evading the illegal sanctions imposed by Washington on the Venezuelan people during the pandemic has finally been released after three and a half years of unjust imprisonment.

During that time, Alex Saab was tortured, beaten, stigmatized, and treated like a criminal for the crime of bringing food, medicine, and fuel to the Venezuelan people.

Three years ago, the case was not well known, so the Alliance for Global Justice began a campaign—with the support of Chuck Kauffman—who put all the resources of AFGJ at the disposal of the Committee to Free Alex Saab; thus, the liberation movement for Alex Saab was born. It grew organically as people from all over the world jointed this just cause.

The victory that we have obtained with the release of Alex Saab is the victory of the people against imperialism; it is the victory of more than 40 nations that are being subjected to illegal North American sanctions; it is the victory of the global south over imperial hegemony of the northern countries.

For Chavismo, this is a transcendental victory that unites the people during the coming presidential election. Maduro, the leader of this revolution, has resisted relentless attacks emanating from the U.S.!

Today, colleagues, we share with you this moment of joy and happiness and thank you for your unconditional support for freedom and love for social justice. Alex Saab, the kidnapped diplomat, was an innocent man, a political prisoner.

We also thank the work of the several other groups who sent hundreds of releases, statements, publicized demos and webinars. It shows the Defense Committee was the work and collaboration of grassroots groups including: UNAC, International Action Center, Taskforce on the Americas, The Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA), Anti War Committee, National Lawyer Guild (NLG), Association Americana de Jurists (AAJ), Sanction Kills Campaign, Popular Resistance, Code Pink, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Fire This Time Movement,ALBA Chicago Committee,

We cannot forget our great friends and collaborators, Oscar Lopez Rivera and Roger Waters

Alex Saab’s release comes along with his birthday and in the midst of December celebrations. For this reason we no longer say Free Alex Saab. If not, happy birthday Alex and happy holidays!

The fight to defend Venezuelan sovereignty against the illegal sanctions of Washington DC still continues so we will continue to find ourselves in the fight.

In Solidarity,

William Camacaro