Alex Saab: From Venezuelan Diplomat to Political Prisoner, a webinar with Roger Waters

I saw Alex and he looked really tired. The last time he vomited blood was 2 weeks ago, and although he reported it, he still hasn’t been seen by a doctor. So he doesn’t know if his cancer is still in remission.

AUDREY BOMSE, National Lawyers Guild, Miami


Alex Saab, a Venezuelan diplomat kidnapped by the United States, has few precedents in the history of international relations and political dialogue between nations. If we add to this the flagrant violation of his human rights, and the use of his person as a key element of the lawfare against Venezuela after the unilateral coercive measures, wrongly called sanctions, we have the most blatant imperialist pretension of the US government to assume criminal jurisdiction. . . international and the domination of the free peoples of the world.

Alex Saab has been stigmatized, slandered and lynched by the main media with the sole objective of attacking the Bolivarian revolution and its political leadership. Alex Saab’s only crime is having evaded the coercive, unilateral and illegal sanctions of the United States against the Venezuelan people, in times of pandemic. Free Alex Saab.



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