Bolivia: Tiahuanaco, headquarters of the International Meeting of Bearers of Ancestral Knowledge

Traditional doctors, herbalists, naturists, anthropologists, archaeologists, philosophers, priests and ritualists will meet in the historic city of Tiahuanaco within the framework of the First International Meeting of Bearers of Ancestral Knowledge. This event, unique in its kind and organized by the Kuska Cultural Center of Ancestral Wisdoms, a non-governmental organization, will take place on February 9 and will last three days in which ancestral knowledge from the Andean and Amazon region will be shared.

The theme, Remember to Heal, is the general message proposed by the people of Bolivia for Bolivia’s bicentennial in 2025. The objective of this meeting is the recovery of ancestral wisdom that the great ancient civilizations, which occupied the Andes and the Bolivian Amazon, in issues of governance, food, health and climate change.

“The history of Bolivia is the history of Abya Yala, we share similar deep wounds. To heal our society, we must remember. Cultural and environmental memory are also very important for the direction of our experience as a country,” said Carlos Prado Mendoza, executive director of the Kuska Cultural Center. He also stated that this event is secular and apolitical.

The meeting has the support and accompaniment of the Andean Community of Wiracocha (Chile), the American Council of Indigenous Peoples (Peru), Association of Indigenous Peoples and Greater Ancestral Knowledge of Tierradentro (Colombia), Council of Indigenous Healers of Argentina, The Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca (Colombia), Q’eros communities (Peru) and Amawta communities of Bolivia. They are accompanied by national and international personalities and authorities such as Abadio Green Stocel, Gunadule expert and advisor to the Colombian Ministry of Education; Merlin Sheldrake, scientist; Luis Eduardo Luna, honorary researcher at the University of Exeter; Fernando Aramayo, UNDP Project Manager; Silvia Salame Farjat, Senator; Flavio E. Merlo, Mayor of Tiahuanaco; Gonzalo J. Choque C., director of Ciaaat; Fredy Franco, muralist and director of the Hémetus Corporation; representatives of the commissions of the Senate, and representatives of the Bolivian Catholic University. (UCB).

This event will address four workshops related to: Traditional Medicine, Sacred Medicinal Plants and Traditional Childbirth; Legal Status of Traditional Medicine and Sacred Medicinal Plants; Astronomy, Architecture and Ritualism of Abya Yala and Qhapaq Ñan; Healthy nutrition.