Introduction to Border Militarization

Photo by Matt Clark.

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  1. Introduction to Border Militarization 
  2. Border Repression and Human Rights 
  3. Free Trade, Labor and Forced Migration*
  4. When the Border Crosses a Family
  5. Border Militarization as Occupation*
  6. The Border as Martial Law
  7. Splitting the Land in Two:  Ecological Effects of Border Militarization
  8. Border Culture versus the Culture of Fear*
  9. The Border is Everywhere
  10. Border Militarization and Empire*

Introduction to Border Militarization

AfGJ’s Border Militarization Resource Guide is updated for 2017!

With this section we will touch on the major points to be covered in the Border Militarization Study Guide. Isabel Garcia, co-founder of the Tucson-based Derechos Humanos Coalition provides an essential background in the history of free trade and militarization and their impacts on the US/Mexico border. Will Wickham does an excellent job presenting an overview of the subjects covered in this guide. Leilani Clark is a young  poet and activist whose poem, To Honor Lives Stolen, provides a poignant introduction to the tragic list that follows: a listing of the undocumented persons whose remains were found last year on the Arizona side of the Sonoran Desert.

We also want to call attention to the photographs not only for this lesson, but throughout the Study Guide.  We are thankful to be working with some of the best photojournalists-both professional and amateur-who are chronicling the struggles of the undocumented. It is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. But maybe it is best not to compare the value of these photographs to words at all.

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