The United States government, especially under the Trump regime, has made completely clear that one of its top foreign policy priorities is to depose the democratically-elected government of Venezuela and to replace it with one that will open Venezuela’s vast oil reserves to exploitation by US transnational oil companies. An April 2019 report estimated that, at that time, civilian deaths caused by US-imposed unilateral sanctions had caused 40,000 preventable deaths. As the US efforts have repeatedly failed to foment a coup in favor of a government led by Juan Guaido, who has never run for national office, the Trump regime is attempting to cut off Venezuela’s access to international markets, the financial system, and it is targeting food distribution and threatening direct military action.

Historically the Alliance for Global Justice has played a role coordinating US solidarity with Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution that blossomed with the election of deceased President Hugo Chavez who took office in 1999. In 2007 we organized a national conference which resulted in the formation of the Venezuela Solidarity Network which unfortunately did not survive the Great Recession in 2009. In 2014, when the first guarimbas – violent demonstrations in the wealthy neighborhoods of Caracas – began and the US Congress and Obama regime began considering unilateral sanctions, we pulled together the Venezuela Strategy Group (VSG) composed of solidarity groups and individuals with foreign policy expertise, to build and coordinate US solidarity and anti-intervention activities. We also publish the Venezuela Weekly compilation of links to important articles and videos.

In 2018 individuals who had recently traveled to Venezuela formed the End US and Canada Sanctions Against Venezuela campaign which affiliated with the VSG as a working group. Other VSG Working Groups are: Media and Pledge of Resistance.

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War on Venezuela: Washington’s False Accusations Against The Chavez Government

By Eva Golinger (This article was originally published in Postcards from the Revolution at .) Ever since the US-supported coup attempt against President Hugo Chavez in Venezuela failed in April 2002, Washington has been pursuing a variety of strategies to remove the overwhelmingly popular South American head of state from power.

AFGJ Recognized for Venezuelan Solidarity

AFGJ’s efforts were recently mentioned in an article on Venezuela Analysis. You can read it in its entirety below. Thousands March in Venezuela against U.S. Sanctions Tamara Pearson May 30, 2011 Mérida, May 30th 2011 ( – Around ten thousand people marched in Caracas on Sunday to protest the sanctions by the U.S. on Venezuela’s…

Reject U.S. Sanctions Against Venezuela

Originally circulated by Eva Golinger. If you are a citizen/resident of the US, we would greatly appreciate your signature on this declaration rejecting the unilateral sanctions imposed against Venezuela this Tuesday, May 24, by the US State Department. This is a grave and dangerous move by Washington to justify further aggression against the Venezuelan people.…

Anti-Chavez Media Mogul to Speak at House Hearing

Write or Call to Demand a Fair Hearing – On June 16 the House Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere of the Foreign Affairs Committee will hold a hearing entitled, “Press Freedom in the Americas.” Anti-Chavez Representatives Connie Mack (FL) and Eliot Engel (NY) have invited Venezuelan right-wing media mogul, RCTV owner Marcel Granier to testify. We…