Take the Pledge of Resistance for Venezuela

The Pledge of Resistance is co-sponsored by Code Pink, Women’s March on the Pentagon, Committee for Peace and Human Rights, Popular Resistance and Alliance for Global Justice.

The United States government, in complete violation of international laws and norms has declared its intention to remove the democratically elected government of Venezuela and replace it with an unelected president, Juan Guaido, who never won a single vote in a national campaign. The US has illegally seized Venezuela’s foreign assets and claims to be making them available to the opposition, an act which, on top of the already severe and illegal sanctions, exacerbates the suffering of poor and working Venezuelans. Without regard to how we individually feel about Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and the Bolivarian Process put in place by the late President Hugo Chavez, those of us in the United States must oppose the illegal actions of our government.

We urge you to sign the Pledge of Resistance and to organize yourself with others in your community to respond within 24 hour with direct action if the US invades Venezuela or in response to a call for direct action from the combined co-sponsoring groups.

Pledge of Resistance:

I pledge to join with others in my community to perform direct action and risk arrest if the US invades or otherwise overthrows the democratically elected government of Venezuela.

Support Pledge for those who cannot risk arrest:

I pledge to support people in my community who take action and risk arrest if the US invades or otherwise overthrows the democratically elected government of Venezuela

Take the Pledge of Resistance

Help promote the pledge!

February 23: Find or List an Action

The weekend of February 23 – the 1 month anniversary of the U.S.-backed coup attempt in Venezuela – will be marked by internationally coordinated actions in solidarity with the people of Venezuela and against the U.S., Wall Street, and the Pentagon’s drive to war. Actions are being planned on and around that date. Here are some resources below to help promote the pledge!

  • Print out hard-copy sign-up sheets to get pledges while tabling. If you plan to attend Hands Off Venezuela actions on February 23, March 16th, March 30 and April 4, consider carrying around a clipboard and ask people to take the pledge. (pdf)
  • Print out quarter page flyers that folks can hand out, leave at coffee shops, pass out at events, etc. The flyer includes the link for people to go online to sign up. (pdf)
  • Put a button on your website that links to the Pledge of Resistance! There are two options to choose from depending on the needs of your website. Dimensions: (1080 × 1080) or (820 × 312)
  • Share link: TinyURL.com/PledgeofResistance

Social media resources:

  1. Please change your Facebook Cover Photo and share the link to the pledge, TinyURL/PledgeofResistance (png)
  2. Share on Instagram (png)
  3. Use hashtag #PledgeOfResistance to connect with other folks taking the pledge


Pledge to print: These images than can be used to print, sign and keep in pocket. They can be printed as small as the size of a wallet.

Scale-able flyer: This can be printed out as a poster flyer or a really tiny flyer.  It works well to print 4 and 6 to a page.

Social Media: