Building a Movement to Confront Militarism

Join the Conference on US Militarism! Please read the details below, and consider joining us. Register online now! Conference: Building a Movement to Confront US Militarism and the Militarization of Relations with Latin America Sponsored by: The Latin America Solidarity Coalition When: Thursday, November 18, 2010 1:00-7:30pm

Coup Attempt in Ecuador

Call the State Department and White House! Your call could make a difference! We have received reports that a coup is taking place in Ecuador. The situation is in flux. There are reports that President Rafael Correa disappeared after meeting with the police but other reports say he is in the hospital surrounded by police…

Long-Term Accompaniment Volunteers Needed in Honduras

The following message was originally sent by the Friendship Office of the Americas. If you or your organization is interested is interested in doing long-term accompaniment work, or sponsoring a long-term volunteer accompanier, please let us know. At this time (September 2010) and for the next several months, the project is looking for individuals with…

No Military Aid for Honduras Oppression

We urge you to send a message to your member of Congress to share your concerns for the deteriorating human rights situation in Honduras and to insist that the United States stop their efforts to push for international recognition of the Lobo government. Ask your member of Congress to call for no military aid to…

Haiti Delegation Report Available Now

The Latin American Solidarity Coalition (LASC) sent a delegation to Haiti just prior to the earthquake. Two Alliance for Global Justice employees attended the delegation. The delegation’s report was just completed and is available now. Please read LASC’s Haiti Delegation Report.