Venezuela Solidarity

The purpose of the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign is to expose and oppose US government and corporate intervention in Venezuela’s sovereign affairs; to mobilize US residents to demand that relations between the two countries be based on peace and respect; and, to promote people-to-people exchanges between our two countries. For more information send an email to


AfGJ Statement on the Election of Donald Trump as President


November 16, 2016 Para leer en español We find ourselves today in a worldwide struggle such as we have never seen before.  We are not only confronting the destructive nature of neoliberalism and imperialist wars, we are in a race towards the end of the world as we know it with respect to ecological degradation.…

Monthly Webinar Series: Building the Commune: Radical Democracy in Venezuela


Building the Commune: Radical Democracy in Venezuela Register Now! for AfGJ’s October Venezuela Webinar Featuring Dr George Ciccariello-Maher! When? Tuesday, October 25, 2016 8:00-9:00 PM ET / 5:00-6:00 PM PT This series of one-hour webinars on the last Tuesday of each month features scholars, Venezuela government officials, writers, solidarity activists and others with firsthand knowledge…

Joint Statement Regarding President Obama’s Visit to Argentina

Madres Argentina

(Versión en español después del inglés) Human Rights Groups from Argentina and the United States unite to denounce the role of President Barack Obama as a promoter of US imperialism in the world, including its innumerable abuses of human rights among North America’s own people Upon the announcement for President Barack Obama’s visit to Argentina…

Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution Webinar: A Revolution Worth Our Solidarity

Venezuela Weekly 1.15.16

Feb. 28, 2016 – 6:00-8:00pm ET / 3:00-5:00pm PT Organized by the Venezuela Strategy Group Register Now for this educational and motivational webinar. Speakers will describe the current situation on the ground in the wake of January’s electoral take-over of the legislative branch by the US-backed right-wing opposition. They will talk about the social and…

If We Want to Save the World – An Internationalist Declaration


The same imperialism that has caused so much damage to the Global South today continues expanding and threatening the whole planet. Consequently, the struggle for climate justice has converted into a struggle for the liberation of all workers, peasants, indigenous and ecosystems. The struggle against Empire is a struggle to save life on Earth. (Originally…

Water Policy and Socialism—Imagining the Possibilities

El agua es nuestra

by James Jordan, from a September 26, 2015 presentation at the Salt of The Earth Labor College in Tucson, Arizona Michael Parenti has said that Capitalism takes living nature, transforms it into commodities and transforms commodities into dead capital. It takes life, soil, mineral, air and water, everything Mother Earth has to offer and transforms…

Solidarity Delegation of 20 US Activists to Visit Venezuela from July 4-16, 2015


(El Español esta abajo) Solidarity Delegation of 20 US Activists to Visit Venezuela from July 4-16, 2015 June 12, 2015 MEDIA ADVISORY A delegation of US organizations with long histories of support for social justice movements in Latin America and the Caribbean—Marin Task Force on the Americas, National Lawyers Guild, School of the Americas Watch,…

Call or Email WOLA Today to Protest Their Statement on Venezuela!

Friends, We urge you to call or write the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) to protest their interventionist statement,  issued on the eve of the April 10-11 Summit of the Americas, repeating US slanders against the government of Venezuela. The statement/op-ed is here: The op-ed statement repeats false accusations  of “harrassment of human…


This press release is being sent on behalf of the Venezuela Strategy Group, a coalition of Venezuela experts and US peace and justice organizations. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 2, 2015 FOR FURTHER INFORMATION Eva Golinger, Chuck Kaufman, 202-540-8336; Michael Bass, 510-654-5355; Stansfield Smith, 773-340-6720;   U.S. CITIZENS AND NGOs JOIN WORLD…

Venezuela National Day of Action Activities by City


Venezuela National Day of Action Activities by City March 5 is the second anniversary of the passing of Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez, who transformed Venezuela through his courageous struggle to help Venezuelans become protagonists of their destiny.  The Venezuela Strategy Group, a coalition of solidarity organizations and individuals has called for actions on March 5…

Join the “For Earth, Against Empire” Campaign

IMG_0707_2 (800x600)

Sign the FOR EARTH, AGAINST EMPIRE Pledge of Resistance! Click here to read and share the “Stop the Wars, Stop the Warming” statement and learn more about the People’s Climate March, this September in New York!  Learn about AfGJ’s Peru Delegation for the December UN Climate Summit  Versión en español Earth is dying. Earth is…

Nicaragua Vive! 35 years since the triumph of the Sandinista Revolution

30th anniversary Nicaragua

By Chuck Kaufman, National Co-Coordinator, Nicaragua Network/Alliance for Global Justice July 19, 2014 marks the 35th anniversary of the Triumph of the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua. On that day, the Sandinista troops led by the nine commanders of the Sandinista Front for National Liberation (FSLN), entered the capital city of Managua where they were greeted by…

88 Organizations and Individuals Oppose US Sanctions Against Venezuela


In reaction to House-passed bill instructing the Obama Administration to impose sanctions against Venezuela, 88 organizations, academics, and prominent individuals signed an open letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Academics Noam Chomsky and James Petras, leaders of the United Steelworkers and United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America (UE), Former Attorney General Ramsey…

Quick points regarding the protests in Venezuela


Sign and Share this Petition in Solidarity with the Venezuelan People!  This is not a spontaneous wave of student protests, but a planned campaign organized by radical rightwing opposition leaders including Leopoldo Lopez and Maria Corina Machado. On January 23, Lopez and Machado launched their “La Salida” (“The Exit”) campaign with a press conference. As…

In Defense of Venezuela


By Dan Kovalik (originally on Huffington Post) The U.S. media, echoing the sentiments of the U.S. government, is openly encouraging violent regime change in Venezuela. An emblematic story from yesterday was aired in what is considered a “liberal” media source, National Public Radio (NPR). In short, this piece featured claims of Venezuela at the precipice…

Alliance for Global Justice Statement on Right-Wing Violence in Venezuela


  February 17, 2014: Nearly a year ago, March 5, 2013, delegations of world leaders, dignitaries and millions of Venezuelans went to pay their respects at the funeral of President Hugo Chavez. The Bolivarian Process, since 1999, has brought greater equality and happiness to Venezuelans and true solidarity and inspiration to people and nations under…

Book Review: New Institutions for Participatory Democracy in Latin America: Voice and Consequence,


New Institutions for Participatory Democracy in Latin America: Voice and Consequence, Eds. Maxwell A. Cameron, Eric Hershberg and Kenneth E. Sharpe, New York, 2012, 263 pages. Review by Midge Quandt           This book consists of a group of essays about participatory democracy in Latin America. Participatory democracy is direct citizen participation in the political arena;…

April Delegation to Venezuela to observe Special Presidential Election

April SOAW Delegation to Venezuela to observe Special Presidential Election and commemorate overturn of 2002 coup Venezuela delegation – April 10-16, 2013 Sponsored by TASK FORCE ON THE AMERICAS AND SCHOOL OF THE AMERICAS WATCH Meet with grassroots organizations and possibly government officials to learn about the legacy of Hugo Chavez during this crucial time…


These Talking Points provide a guide that you can use for letters to the editor, opinion pieces, contacts with elected officials and discussions with friends, family and co-workers about Venezuela.  Your solidarity with Venezuela is very important!  Be sure and send copies of your letters to .

Manipulators and Media Prepare to Intervene in Venezuela

by James Jordan With elections in Venezuela less than three weeks away, the Alliance for Global Justice is deeply concerned about the possibilities for US interference in the country’s electoral affairs. Our biggest concern has to do with the possibilities of an orchestrated effort to destabilize or overthrow Venezuela’s

Intervention in Venezuela-A Personal Reflection

by Bruce Wilkinson, AfGJ Grassroots Coordinator The former US Ambassador to Venezuela, Patrick Duddy, wrote a paper this week describing a range of military, financial and diplomatic measures for the US to take against the Chavez government after the Venezuelan elections on October 7th. Missing from the paper was the measure that makes the most…