Kicking off AfGJ’s Summer Fundraising Campaign – DONATE & SHARE!

We rely on your contributions to sustain this work. Your donations will help us continue building a movement for transformational change

For decades, AfGJ has brought together foreign and domestic struggles through popular education, shared infrastructure, human rights accompaniment, and mobilized direct action. We know that the foreign struggles we stand in solidarity with are examples of the struggles we need to win for our own liberation.

We strive to live in the world we want to create. AfGJ is a small workers’ collective dedicated to solidarity and a non-hierarchical democratic process.

Our collective provides people’s movements with the tools and resources needed for true liberatory change. Our work is broader and further reaching than it ever has been before, and we need your support.

We are using a new tool for fundraising which allows us to reach out to new people. This crowdfunding platform is a tool we also make available to our fiscally sponsored projects for their fundraising. Please donate to help us reach out goal. With crowdfunding campaign, sharing this with your comrades is just as valuable. So please do what you can to help support AFGJ in building a movement for transformational change.


Donate to help us meet our goal!