Sandino Vive! Delegation Begins

From the 13th to the 23rd of February, the Friends of the ATC is hosting its “Sandino Vive!” solidarity delegation in Nicaragua, with participation from solidarity organizers and food systems advocates from the US and Canada, plus youth representatives from the ATC, IALA Ixim Ulew, and La Vía Campesina Central American region. We will be sharing updates throughout the delegation. You can also follow the delegation on our blogFacebook page, and with #friendsatc.

Our delegation will meet with different sectors of the Nicaraguan population, including workers, farmers, women, youth, and journalists. A significant part of the delegation will be spent in rural areas in communities organized by the Rural Workers’ Association (Asociación de Trabajadores del Campo [ATC]), which is a founding member of the global peasant movement La Via Campesina. We will also visit important sites of the Sandinista Revolution as part of our efforts to preserve the historic memory of this nation’s long struggle for sovereignty. On February 21st, we will remember the 86th anniversary of the assassination of Augusto C. Sandino, the “General of Free Women and Men”, who has inspired decades of anti-imperialist struggle in Nicaragua and around the world.

This delegation is co-sponsored by the Friends of the ATC solidarity network, La Via Campesina Nicaragua, and Alliance for Global Justice.