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Simon Bolivar Institute of Peace and Solidarity Among Peoples Statement:

On Sunday, November 7, 2021, the Nicaraguan people came out peacefully to cast their votes in presidential elections. A turnout of 65.23% of the electorate shows the firm commitment to democracy of a people who wish to preserve peace and forge their own destiny.

Despite the clear message of the Nicaraguan people, we alert you to the fact that the United States, a country which has violated the sovereignty of Nicaragua in the past, that supported Somoza’s tyranny and later armed and financed a war that caused serious harm to the Nicaraguan population, is now again trying to interfere in the internal affairs of this Central American nation.

This time it is through a strategy of repeating and refining the strategy of ignoring the sovereignty, self-determination, and democratic institutions of a country by failing to recognize its government authorities. To this end, the United States has already unleashed all types of interference, from the illegal financing of political actors to promoting the massive silencing of Nicaraguan voices on social media based on their political affiliation.  Added to this are the efforts to exert diplomatic pressure and illegal coercive measures on Nicaragua for the sole purpose of destabilizing the country and paving the way for regime change.

Failure to recognize the legitimate authorities of Venezuela and the imposition of an economic blockade there are acts of aggression that the Venezuelan people have faced with courage and dignity, but they have caused serious harm to the population, suffocating the system of production and hindering the State’s ability to support the development and well-being of the nation. We accuse the United States and a handful of governments that serve as accomplices of planning to apply the same strategy against the land of Sandino.

For this reason, we call on all free peoples of the world to express their solidarity with the people of Nicaragua, to repudiate all attempts to undermine their sovereignty, self-determination and peace, and to denounce this criminal strategy which seek to promote suffering among the Nicaraguan people and violate the Constitutional order. We demand respect for the Nicaraguan people, for their democratically expressed wishes, and their legitimate government institutions.

We will not allow another intervention into Nicaragua!

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