URGENT: House Votes on NICA Act This Afternoon or Evening!

October  3, 2017


Congressional Switchboard – (202) 224-3121

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Please call or email your Congressperson right now to tell them to vote NO on the NICA Act (H.R. 1918) which is scheduled for a floor vote TODAY. It is not too late since voting doesn’t take place until late afternoon/evening.

If the NICA Act passes the House and the Senate and is signed into law by the President, that will mean the US will vote against multilateral loans to Nicaragua in the World Bank, IMF, and other multilateral lenders. Historically, US opposition to loans has effectively vetoed those loans. Whether the Trump administration would be awarded the same deference is unknown, but it would be better not to find out!

Point out to your Representative that very few Nicaraguans are migrating to the US due to Nicaragua’s healthy economy and rising standard of living. If Nicaragua is cut off from international capital, that situation will quickly change so if your Representative is one of those who decry “illegal” immigrants, then she or he should vote against this bill.

Please Act Today to Let Your Representative

Know that this Issue is Important to You.